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Go Fish Clothing & Jewelry Co. is a clothing and jewelry store started by Christians who wanted to make a difference by "purchasing hand-crafted goods from the indigenous people of developing nations at their asking price."  They offer high quality shoes for women and babies.

The Root Collective "partners with artisans in Guatemala to produce handcrafted shoes. Every purchase changes lives by creating jobs in rural and urban slum communities."  They offer a large selection of beautifully and ethically made women's shoes.


The Shoe That Grows was invented to give children in poverty shoes that grow with them, instead of them wearing shoes several sizes too small or none at all! These amazing shoes grow five sizes and are the perfect way to keep your children in shoes that fit.  And for every pair you buy, two pairs are donated to kids in need!

Unfortunately some of the major U.S. shoe manufacturers have had a long history of problems with child labor and low wages in their Asian factories.  Some are working on improvements.  But below are some shoes you can buy that are truly providing decent jobs to the workers who make them.