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U.S. Ethical Shopping Guide

Every time you shop you face a myriad of choices.  Choices involving price, color, quality, etc.  But do you consider how those choices impact the workers who made the products you buy?  Businesses study shopping trends and try to cater to them. Every time you buy an item, you are voting with your dollar.  What will you vote for?  Will you support child slavery, forced labor, and sweatshops?  Or will you send a message to U.S. businesses that you will not tolerate exploitation?  (Read The Real Cost of Cheap)  You can have a direct impact on the lives of those who make the items featured on this website just by your purchase.  And you will also send a message to others that it is time for a change.  (For other great ethical shopping guides, check out The Art of Simple's Ethical Shopping Guide or Unexpected's Slave-Free Shopping Guides or Busy Mommy's Ethical Business Index or Freestate: Shop Well Be Well or The Good Trade's Ethical Shopping Guides or The Global Artisan)