Change the World by How You Shop Logo: The U.S. Ethical Shopping Guide

Below find products for your bathroom that are changing lives.  For more bath care products, check out our "BODY CARE" page.

Go Fish Clothing & Jewelry Co. seeks to make a difference by "purchasing hand-crafted goods from the indigenous people of developing nations at their asking price."  They sell soap dishes in pink and yellow.

Education and More, "a Christian nonprofit organization, strives to reduce poverty in Guatemala by providing educational opportunities for students of all ages and by helping those we serve earn a fair income."  They sell gorgeous fair trade Fouta Turkish bath towels, hand towels and hair wraps.

Ethical Bathroom Decor

Haiti Design Coop works in Haiti to develop "craftsmen and leaders that are able to use their skills to provide for their families and contribute to the development of their community."  They sell beautifully and ethically made horn soap dishes.

Ten Thousand Villages, "the original fair trader," started in 1946.  They sell fair trade laundry baskets and bathrobes, soap dishes and washcloths. (To also find their products in a retail store near you, click here.)

Mountain Maid partners "with local church members to produce products that provide a sustainable income."  They offer a beautiful iron hand towel ring, perfect for the bathroom wall..

Papillon Enterprise is "creating jobs for mothers & fathers who don’t want to have to abandon their children to an orphanage because they can’t feed them."  They offer a lace print soap dish in cream or turquoise, handmade out of clay by artisans in Haiti.