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How to Shop Ethically

A Beginner's Guide

Wondering how to get started with ethical shopping? Here are some easy ways you can get started now:


Start with just ONE purchase - You can buy a gift for a friend, a clothing item for yourself or some coffee.  Every time you choose to purchase from a brand that you know is having an impact, you get to be a part of that impact.  (WARNING: If you start with one purchase, you may find yourself hooked on make-a-difference shopping; it can be addicting!)


If you are going to spend money, why not make your dollars really count?  Next time you are thinking about buying something, first check to see if there is a locally-made, give back or fair trade version of that product.  To make it easy, you can use our Ethical Product Guide, because we have already done the research for you and found thousands of products in dozens of categories!

Want to learn more?  Here are the best guides we have found to help you get started shopping ethically:
Still Being Molly: Where Do I Start When It Comes to Shopping Ethically" Blog post."

Still Being Molly

"Where Do I Start When It Comes to Shopping Ethically."

Shoppin With Ethics: A 5-Step Guide from The Tiny Twig

The Tiny Twig

"Shopping With Ethics: a 5-Step Guide"

dollar sign free pixabay image.png

Shop Ethical & Afford It

"How to Shop Ethically on a Budget."

A Beginner's Guide to Ethical Shopping: How to Find Ethical & Fair Trade Products
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