PURPOSE Jewelry "is beautifully crafted by young women rescued from human trafficking. By Purchasing with Purpose® you are providing freedom, dignity and hope for these amazing artisans."  Through International Sanctuary they are impacting survivors of sex trafficking and changing lives.

Adored Boutique's mission is to "remind every woman that she is adored by her Heavenly Father."  And they do that for both their customers and the women who sew their products.  Read more of their story here.

Three Cords Haiti (inspired by Ecclesiastes 4:9-12) has a vision "to bring life transformation through an artisan business that focuses on employing Haitians with disabilities, as well as at-risk women." Their mission is to "provide opportunities in the workplace for job empowerment, spiritual development and growth in life skills that will produce products that come with inspiring stories of life change."  They are partnered with ViBella Jewelry.

Elegantees "mission statement is to provide hope to survivors of sex trafficking in Nepal. A positive source of income that reinforces independence, a healthy self-image, and confidence restores lives one elegant tee at a time." Watch their video here.

Evan Brooke Ethical Clothing "is proud to bring to you beautiful, quality garments made ethically in effort to: FIGHT modern-day slavery, protect the Earth, and promote fair trade."  Evan Brooke "a military spouse, mom to 4, native Texan, and believer in Jesus."  She started her company because of her passion to make a difference in combating human trafficking.  Check out her videos here.

Goex makes custom printed t-shirts "in our own state-of-the-art production center in Haiti and decorate in our own print shop in Kansas City, MO.  All of our employees earn a local living wage."  GOEX is "owned by The Global Orphan Project.  We devote all profits to care for orphaned and vulnerable children."

 Businesses We Support

Mountain Maid "exists to strengthen the church of Haiti by proclaiming the gospel, making disciples and partnering with local church members to produce products that provide a sustainable income."  The income their artisans receive helps them provide for their families' food, basic needs and schooling for their children.

HandUp Global Goods is a "non-profit enterprise dedicated to arming teens in Haiti with jobs, spiritual discipleship, and professional development."  They sell jewelry which provides a "hand up" instead of a "hand out" to young men transitioning out of orphanages!  Check out their video here.

Go Fish Clothing & Jewelry Co. is a clothing and jewelry store started by Christians who wanted to make a difference by "purchasing hand-crafted goods from the indigenous people of developing nations at their asking price."

Kurandza is "a non-profit social enterprise that invests in the future of women in Mozambique. Kurandza means 'to love' in Changana, the local language of the people we work with in Mozambique."  Click here to learn more about how they are making a difference for women and girls in Mozambique.

Eden Ministry has helped rescue over 500 women who were trapped in sex slavery.  "Every young women who comes to Eden begins a process of reclamation and restoration."  Read more about their impact here.

Vi Bella Jewelry provides employment in Haiti and their mission "is centered on providing a path out of poverty for our artisans and a deep desire to form a community for them that is encouraging and prayerful.  The employment that Vi Bella artisans are given creating jewelry and accessories also creates more beautiful lives for them, their children, and their communities."  

LivAfrika works with churches and organizations throughout South Africa "to help support the women and children in South Africa who are affected by extreme poverty, HIV/AIDS and gender inequality." Watch their video here.

Azizi Life's vision is: "to participate in local initiatives for the development of Rwandan communities working towards physical and spiritual wholeness for all." 

Krochet Kids began with the incredible story of three college-age guys who liked to crochet sharing that skill with refugee women in Uganda.  Today they have helped 150 people in Uganda and Peru rise out of poverty by selling their amazing products.  Learn more by watching their videos here.

The Mosaic Collective exists "to empower international small business owners and skills-based nonprofits by offering beautiful products at a price that is fair to the artisans who create them." Read their story here.

WorldCraftsSM "develops sustainable, fair-trade businesses among impoverished people around the world."  Their "vision is to offer an income with dignity and the hope of everlasting life to every person on earth."  Watch their video here.

Cross Trade is "built on the belief that giving job opportunities is the best way to provide HOPE for people in need." "Every purchase supports a family in Brazil who are struggling to emerge from poverty."

Mercy House "exists to engage, empower and disciple women around the globe in Jesus’ name. Engage those with resources to say yes to the plight of women in poverty. Empower women and teenage mothers around the world through partnerships and sustainable fair trade product development."  "We engage women through maternity homes in Kenya and employment through Fair Trade Friday in more than 15 countries all around the world."  Learn more and watch their video here.

Little by Little helps keep children in Haiti out of orphanages by reaching out to employ parents who are on the verge of giving their children up due extreme poverty.  They believe "God created children to grow and thrive in families and that poverty alone should never be the reason children are separated from their families of origin."  Watch their video here.

Woven Grace sells beautiful fabric greeting cards made by artisans in Haiti. They are partnered with Football Club of Grace, a Christian non-profit organization. They help Haitian women and teenagers make income to feed and clothe their families.

BELJOY means "beautiful joy."  "BÉLJOY was born out of a vision to give the people of Haiti opportunities to earn money through honest and dignified work."  "Every purchase made directly affects lives in Haiti and increases the opportunity to bless others.  The Haitian people have changed our lives, showing us that true joy, despite circumstance, can only come from Jesus."  Check out their very unique and beautiful jewelry here.

Known Supply is "reimagining apparel production in a way that honors and celebrates the people behind the clothing we buy."  Every product is "hand signed by the maker."  Read their story here.

Anchored in Hope's mission is "to empower Haitian artisans to provide for their families with dignity. Our desire is to inspire hope for a better tomorrow through our reliance on the anchor that we have in Jesus Christ."  Check out the founder's blog here.

"Woven Joy, a Fair Trade Federation member, is a faith-based nonprofit organization working with artisans in the Philippines to create, produce and sell some of the world's finest quality handwoven friendship goods.”

The Shoe That Grows is part of Because International.  The shoes, which grow five sizes, were invented to give children in poverty shoes that grow with them, instead of them wearing shoes several sizes too small or none at all!  They have distributed over 75,000 pairs of shoes to kids in need around the world.

Partners for Just Trade is a "non-profit, faith-based organization that builds partnerships between producers living in extreme poverty and consumers in North America."  "PJT began as an initiative of the Presbyterian Hunger Program."

2nd Story Goods is a subsidiary of Much Ministries and works in a small town in Haiti to provide much needed jobs and hope to their community by paying a livable wage to the artisans who make their goods.  Watch their videos here.

Hands Producing Hope works in Rwanda and Costa Rica with a mission of "providing the economic, educational, and spiritual resources necessary to empower remote communities to rise above poverty."  Their vision is "to see all people be afforded opportunities to have dignified and respectable work, and to provide for their families and flourish in their communities."


PROJECT LYDIA " is an expansion of Advancing the Kingdom Ministries which serves Uganda, East Africa.  The project helps local widows and abandoned women overcome adversity and thrive in every area of their lives."

The Village Country Store is "a fair trade gift shop offering high quality unique handcrafted and handmade artisan gifts and crafts from around the globe."  They are working to provide dignity and opportunities to the artisans they partner with through fair trade.  Read more here.

Re:new "provides employment and community for refugee women who have resettled in the USA."  Their vision is to create a "society that values and seeks out flourishing relationships with its refugee neighbors."  You can read the amazing story behind Re:new here.

Market of Hope is a marketplace for products produced through Mission of Hope in Haiti.  "As an organization following Jesus Christ, Mission of Hope seeks to bring life transformation to every man, woman, and child in Haiti."  Watch their videos here.

Designed for Joy creates "artisan jobs for North Carolina women living at high risk for sex and labor trafficking and vulnerable to food and housing insecurities."  Read more about their mission here.

Sela Designs donates 100% of profits to charities believing that "together we can make a difference, one piece of jewelry at a time."  Read their story here.

Land of a Thousand Hills "brings life-changing work to communities in Rwanda. When you buy Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee, you help families provide for themselves with living wages, you build homes for orphans, give care to widows, and most importantly, give hope to entire coffee growing communities." Check out their video on Engaging Redemption.

Here are the businesses promoted on this website, along with the reasons we wholeheartedly recommend them.  They represent many different backgrounds, but all are faith-based and are combating poverty and exploitation and creating meaningful jobs.  By shopping through any of these organizations you are joining with them in changing lives and showing God's love.  

Serrv is "a nonprofit, fair trade organization dedicated to lifting disadvantaged artisans, farmers, and their families out of poverty."  They began in 1949 "with a small group of Church of the Brethren relief workers helping refugees rebuild after World War II."  Now they work in 30 countries around the world.

Imagine Goods partners "with vulnerable and marginalized people around the world to make products that, in many cases, give the first fair wages they've ever received."  Watch this video to learn more.

A Sister’s Heart is "a socially minded business that uses art and design to provide economic  and educational development for young Honduran women who have chosen to change the course of their lives...encouraging them to become the women that God created them to be with dignity and nobility."

KidKnits motto is “You’re never too young to change a life on the other side of the world.”  KidKnits "started with the very simple idea of a nine-year old girl – to make hats out of hand-made yarn from Rwanda."  They partner with True Vineyard Ministries in Rwanda and Casa Ursulina in Chile to purchase handspun yarn from women who desperately need the income.

Rise and Empower is "empowering women in Haiti through job creation, ethical fashion and thoughtful design." Read their story here.

Persona Grata Goods is "designed to help moms who care about the world make a difference in the lives of other moms!"  They offer beautiful products made by refugees in the U.S.. Learn more here.

Beza Threads believes "that not only rescue but redemption is possible in the life of every enslaved child we encounter."  They work to rescue and provide a new life for boys and girls in slavery in Ethiopia. "Over the last seven years, Beza Thread’s efforts led to the release and restoration of nearly 200 slave children." Watch their videos here.

Education and More, "a Christian nonprofit organization, strives to reduce poverty in Guatemala by providing educational opportunities for students of all ages and by helping those we serve earn a fair income."

Equal Exchange sources fair trade coffee, tea and chocolate "directly from small-scale farmers".  They started in 1986 "with an idea: what if food could be traded in a way that is honest and fair, a way that empowers both farmers and consumers?"  Since then, Equal Exchange has been working hard to realize that idea and change the food system.  Read their story here.

Market Haiti is " a market place designed to empower & market Haitian artisans in their work". They "are officially endorsed by the Apparent Project, and are also working with other artisans in Haiti to make a difference in the lives of working families."  

Papillon Enterprise is " a socially & ecologically conscious business with a mission of stimulating the Haitian economy by exporting and marketing Haitian artisan goods. We are creating jobs for mothers & fathers who don’t want to have to abandon their children to an orphanage because they can’t feed them."  Check out their video here.

Ten Thousand Villages started in 1946, partnered with the Mennonite Central Committee to "provide sustainable economic opportunities for artisans in developing countries by creating a viable marketplace for their products in North America."  Today they work with thousands of artisans in 38 countries.   Watch their videos here.

The Sparrow Studio's "primary goal is to create a fair trade marketplace for handmade home decor and jewelry."  They have formed partnerships with artisans in Rwanda, Ecuador, Haiti, and the Lakota Reservation in South Dakota.  Read more about their mission here.

Shop with a mission is part of Heavenly Treasures whose "mission is to equip and assist people in developing countries to break the cycle of poverty through their handiwork and creativity." They "desire to see people fed physically, spiritually & emotionally."  Watch their video here.

Vickery Trading Co. has a mission to renew hope for refugees through their children's clothing company in Texas, which provides job training and support.  Watch their touching video here.

Nightlight Design offers products "made in freedom" by women in Thailand who are coming out of the exploitation of the sex industry and discovering dignified employment and restoration through Nightlight International.  Watch their video here to learn more.

MudLOVE  sells inspiring bracelets and beautiful pottery mugs, handmade in Indiana.  Every product you purchase provides one week of clean water to someone in need in Central African Republic through their partner, Water for Good, a faith-based nonprofit organization.  Read their stories here.

Freedom’s Promise is "a faith-based, nonprofit organization that partners with indigenous Cambodian groups to prevent human trafficking and child exploitation by transforming communities."  Watch their video here.

Pal Craftaid is "a volunteer, non-profit ministry of compassion, hope, and healing for all Palestinians." They help Palestinian artisans find a market for their goods.

Haiti Deaf Academy is "a Christian organization with a dorm for 54 children who would otherwise have no access to language or education." Their mission is "to provide quality products made by Deaf Haitian artisans to create independence through job creation."  They offer "handmade crafts by Deaf students and community members of the Haiti Deaf Academy."  Proceeds from these crafts "will allow the Haiti Deaf Academy to expand its offerings for children and adults."

139Made offers "creative Christian apparel & lifestyle products." Their name is inspired by Psalm 139.  10% of their sales go to fight human trafficking. Read their story here.

Change the World by How You Shop Logo: The U.S. Ethical Shopping Guide https://www.changetheworldbyhowyoushop.com

Destiny Rescue is "an internationally-recognized Christian non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing children trapped in the sex trade."  Their efforts have rescued nearly 2000 children around the world.  They offer gorgeous jewelry handmade by rescued girls.

The Root Collective "partners with artisans in Guatemala to produce handcrafted shoes. Every purchase changes lives by creating jobs in rural and urban slum communities."  Watch their video here.

Amma's Umma is "an ethical boutique that gives back to adoptions."  "Amma's Umma means 'A Mother's Kiss'. Our name was born out of a dream that every child would have a family.  50% of profits are donated to adoption projects." 

Landmine Design is "a catalyst for life and an advocate for who people are designed to be. Our belief in human design is inspired by the love of our ultimate Designer, Jesus."  Their products are handmade by women in an area of Cambodia where they would otherwise be at high risk for human trafficking.  Read their story here.

Trove has a mission "to rewrite the story of fast fashion for a more delightful existence."  They make their women's clothing by custom order, eliminating fashion waste, and creating meaningful jobs.  Watch their video here.

Askinosie Chocolate started with an answer to a prayer and now they practice Direct Trade with their cocoa farmer partners, building relationships and paying higher than fair trade prices for their quality beans. They are "dedicated not just to making the best quality chocolate you can buy, but to making it in such a way that the more you learn about it, the better you feel about it."  Watch their videos here.

Starfish Project "restores hope to women escaping human trafficking and exploitation in Asia."  Through their social enterprise project "women create beautiful jewelry and become managers, accountants, graphic designers, and photographers."  Inspired by the Parable of the Starfish, the Starfish Project has employed over 100 women and touched thousands through their Community Outreach Programs.

Above Rubies is "a group of widows and single mothers living in a mountainous area of the Philippines."  "Life is hard for these ladies, but this project aims to give purpose, dignity, strength and hope." Read more here.

The Tote Project's "fair trade products are sewn in India by women who have made the brave choice to journey out of the sex trade and into freedom."  They donate 10% of profits to Two Wings "to help survivors of human trafficking in the United States pursue their dreams."  So, their beautiful totes are providing hope to human trafficking survivors!

Amani ya Juu "means 'Peace from Above'. "  They are a "social economic enterprise committed to peace and reconciliation for African women." "The women at Amani ya Juu experience God’s peace and the profound difference it makes in their lives."  Watch their video here.

Haiti Design Co works in Haiti to develop "craftsmen and leaders that are able to use their skills to provide for their families and contribute to the development of their community."  They believe "the marriage of design and purpose can have a long lasting ripple effect of development and community building". Watch their video here.

Salt and Light Trading Co. offers "clothing for the girl who wants to live wildly free & change the world." A portion of their profits is donated to Grace House Amazon.  Read their story here.

Trades of Hope sells products made by women who "have been rescued from sex slavery. Others are raising handicapped children alone. Some are in war torn countries and others have HIV/AIDS and leprosy...with Trades of Hope's help, their story has changed from pain and struggle to a story of hope!"

Made Global Co. is "into you knowing the makers, because the story matters."  They "choose to care about how things are made — every part of it. Where the materials come from, how artisans are paid, the conditions they are asked to work in, and so much more." Read their story here.

Rise (the name is inspired by Ezra 10:4) says "As the Haitian mountains rise from the ocean, the people of Haiti, and all who partner with us will RISE."  They offer beautiful handcrafted items from Haiti, featuring products from Papillon, 2nd Story Goods and Singing Rooster.

Hope Outfitters designs and sells ethically made apparel with 100% of the profits being donated to chosen charities.  With their "Buy 1 Give 100" plan, they have "healed the sick, sheltered the homeless, rescued girls out of human trafficking, provided clean water, granted money to adopting families, and so much more..."  By purchasing their cool T-shirts, you are joining with them in "making a difference that will last for all eternity."  Watch their video here.

Three Avocados is "a non-profit organization formed by a group of Christians after a mission trip to Uganda.'  They feel "compelled to help those in need so that they may see the light of Christ shine through our organization."  The name was inspired by the touching story of a widow the founders met on their mission trip.  They sell "World Changing Coffee" and  100% of proceeds are donated to provide clean drinking water to those in need around the world. 

Elisha C. has a mission "to end poverty through job creation, education and empowerment" and to "put Haiti in the hands of the Haitians."  "Every purchase of an Elisha C. product is helping end poverty by providing artisans/producers a stable job, sending underprivileged children to school and empowering individuals to break the cycle of poverty."

Mission Lazarus "glorifies God by advancing His Kingdom through holistic ministry and social enterprise with educational, medical, agricultural, and spiritual outreaches."  Their social enterprise program "exists to empower local Hondurans and Haitians, who would otherwise not have the opportunity, to learn artisan skills and sustainable business development training in efforts to advance their overall education." Click here to watch a video about their San Lazaro Coffee Estate.

31 Bits sells jewelry handmade by women rising out of poverty in Uganda and Indonesia.  "The “31” comes from Proverbs 31, where it describes a diligent woman providing and caring for her family.  The “bits” comes from what the beads are made out of…bits of paper!"

Eternal Threads "mission is 'weaving hope and justice' to improve the lives of women and children who are at risk from extreme poverty and trafficking."  Watch their videos here.

Gifts with a Cause has a passion "to provide sustainable income to artisans in developing countries and connect people around the world with stories of positive change through Fair Trade practices."

The White Rainbow Project is "a nonprofit 501(c)3 Christian Humanitarian Organization empowering the women of India with a focus on deconstructing the stigma of widowhood by teaching sustainable skills."  Watch their video here.