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Affordable Fair Trade Shops

Top 10 Budget-Friendly Fair Trade Stores


Do you want to support fair trade, but are wondering how you can possibly afford to buy fair trade products?  Below I share the top ten online fair trade shops where I frequently find budget-friendly fair trade products and gifts under $25 (and even under $5!)

(NOTE: If you buy through some of these links, a small amount may come back to help support our mission.)

Shop With a Mission

(Browse through their site to find lots of fair trade gifts for men, women and children under $25 and the incredible stories behind every product explain why this shop is aptly named!) 

Eternal Threads 

(There is a beautiful story behind every equally beautiful product I buy from this shop, and not only to offer super affordable fair trade gifts, but I frequently purchase their gorgeous cards and gift bags to go with my gifts.  They also offer "small item shipping" costs on many of their lower priced items.)

Mercy House Global

(Lots of affordable, meaningful and fun fair trade gifts for men, women, and children.  Their inventory changes frequently, so keep checking back and follow by e-mail to hear about flash sales.  They even offer gifts under $10. Their products benefit refugees, women working their way out of poverty, a maternity home in Kenya and various other ministries.)


The Lemonade Boutique

(They offer a great selection of fair trade and give back fashion accessories and gifts under $25.)

The Village Country Store

(Offers a large selection of fair trade gifts under $25 for women and kids, including accessories, jewelry, toys & decor. Use the code: ShopWithLeeAnne for 10% off your entire order.)​​

Rahab's Rope

(Beautifully-made fair trade gifts, decor, accessories and toys benefiting women and children affected by human trafficking. Check out their sale page and follow by e-mail to hear about their fantastic flash sales.)​​

Love Justly

(Discounted ethical & fair trade fashion & accessories for women and kids.)​​

Ten Thousand Villages

(Offers unique global fair trade gifts under $25, with gift options for lots of different interests.)​​

Artruism Imports

(Browse their site to find high quality fair trade jewelry, home decor and gifts under $25.)​​


(Check out their "Gifts Under $30" section for affordable fair trade gifts with deep meaning behind them.)​​

Gifts that Give Back You Can Actually Afford: Gifts Undr $5, $1, $20 & $30
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