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Ethical Business Resources

Fair Trade Drop Shipping


Want to make a difference by starting an online fair trade store but do not have the space or resources to bring in the products?  You can still get started using drop shipping.  Below are resources for getting started with a drop ship store and finding the fair trade and ethical brands that offer drop shipping.  Below are also resources for social good brands that wish to offer drop shipping.

 The Village Country Store:

"Social Good Web Development: Shopify, Drop Ship for Your Business!"

(Stories and tips on starting a fair trade online store using drop shipping.)


Free Ethical Drop Shipping Directory


Setting Up Drop Shipping for Your Wholesale Business

(Set up a free consultation to learn how Germinate can help you step by step through the process.)


The Blossom Blog

(Tips for Shopify, e-commerce, drop ship, SEO and more.)

Business Support

Business consultation and support services aimed at helping social good businesses succeed.

Wholesale Links

Looking for products for your store?  Browse our list of mission-based brands which offer wholesale.

Website Design

Resources to help you design and set up your website and online store.

Fabric Sourcing

Where to find wholesale ethical, sustainable and deadstock fabrics for your ethical fashion brand.

Drop Ship

Get started easily with an online fair trade store by using drop shipping.


Free resources that teach SEO basics to help your website get found online.

Social Media

Paid and free resources to help you get your business found on social media.

Affiliate Links

How to set up affiliate marketing to promote your brand or shop.

Custom Products

Where to buy ethically-made custom business logo products and custom wholesale products.

Cut & Sew Services

Where to find ethical cut and sew services to supply your ethical fashion brand.


Where to find eco-friendly packaging supplies for shipping your ethical products.


Paid and free resources that can help you market your brand or shop.


Links to information on fair trade/ethical certifications.

Supply Chain

Resources for tracing your supply chain and finding ethical and sustainable sourcing options.

Social Good Business Resource Guide: How to grow your fair trade shop or social good brand online--paid and free resources to help you grow and get found.
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