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U.S. Ethical Shopping Guide

Electronic Sweatshops

Ethically-made electronics are incredibly difficult to find.   Even the laptop I am typing this on (bought used on Craigslist!) was likely made in a sweatshop in Asia, using minerals obtained at the expense of children's lives and freedom.  The electronics industry too often shows up the news with headlines about sweatshop workers committing suicide or workers being exploited.  To learn more, click the links on the left below. Click the links on the right to research the ethics behind major electronics brands before you buy. To search for ethical electronic accessories, click here.



B Certified Corporations:


Good Electronics:

Reports on Major Electronics Companies


Ethical Consumer:

Buyer Guides to Computers, Tablets, Phones and More

Good Shopping Guide:



Good Shopping Guide:

PCs, Laptops, Tablets


Good Shopping Guide:

Digital Cameras



"Sustainable and Ethical Electronics - Everything You Need to Know"


Cause Artist:

"3 Ways to Easily Purchase Ethical and Sustainable Electronics"

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