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Fair Trade Near You

Where to Find Fair Trade Products


New to ethical shopping?  Wondering where to find fair trade (and ethically-made) products in your area?

Visit our Directory of U.S. Fair Trade Shops:
U.S. Fair Trade Retail Shop Directory
Or check out these guides to help you shop ethically locally:
Green Leaves

Green America

"Fair Trade Businesses"

Fair Trade Festivals & Events in the USA

Fair Trade Events

Find a fair trade festival or event happening in your area this year.

Guide to Fair Trade Labels from Fair Trade Winds.

Fair Trade Winds

"Guide to Fair Trade Labels"

The Honest Consumer Why Shopping In Person Still Matters & How to Do It Ethically."

The Honest Consumer

"Why Shopping In-Person Still Matters & How to Do It Ethically" Ethical Labels to Look For


"Ethical Labels to Look For."

A Beginner's Guide to Ethical Shopping: How to Find Ethical & Fair Trade Products
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