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Haiti has suffered much this past decade.  From the earthquake of 2010 to the devastation of Hurricane Matthew in 2016 to the recent political unrest .   But the people of Haiti are resilient and keep working hard to bounce back from every disaster.  One of the best ways we can help the Haitians rebuild their country is to buy products made in Haiti, providing much needed jobs and income.  Purchase some of the incredible "Made in Haiti" products from any of the brands below to send a message of love and support to the people of Haiti.

(NOTES: Prices and availability may change without notice.  If you buy through some of these links, a small amount will come back to help support our mission.)

Vi Bella: Beautiful Life.  Artisan made accessories for women that are creating a more beautiful life for artisans in Haiti and Mexico.
Vi Bella Jewelry Paradise tote.
Vi Bella

Their mission is "providing a path out of poverty" for their artisans. They offer a beautiful collection of jewelry, bags, hair accessories and more, ethically handmade in Haiti. (I love their totes - I use mine as my purse/diaper bag.)

HUGG Mission Market filgiree jewelry.
HUGG Mission Market

Provides a "hand up" instead of a "hand out" to young men transitioning out of orphanages in Haiti. Check out their amazing handcrafted jewelry and gorgeous home goods.

Zel Haiti blue scrub top. Ethically made in Haiti.
Zel Haiti

"Zel Haiti aims to alleviate the orphan crisis by providing sustainable, fair trade jobs for women." They offer scrubs and badge holders for medical professionals.

Mango and Main Stacking Bracelets, handmade in Haiti.
Mango + Main

"On a mission to bring products from tropical lands where mangoes main street, USA!" They offer beautiful fair trade jewelry, handmade in Haiti.

RIse and Empower formal dress. Ethically made in Haiti.
Rise & Empower

"Empowering women in Haiti through job creation, ethical fashion and thoughtful design." They offer classy jewelry and apparel for women.

Market Haiti Coffee Tea Cups Stacked Metal Wall Art
Market Haiti

"A market place designed to empower & market Haitian artisans in their work." They sell everything from Haitian coffee to jewelry to metal art.

The Village Country Store Haitian metal art. Fair trade.
The Village Country Store

Fair trade and fairly made goods from around the globe. They offer a huge selection of Haitian metal art, incredibly hammered out of recycled 55 gallon steel drums!

(Use the code: ShopWithLeeAnne for 10% off your entire order!)

Anchored in Hope home sweet home Haitian metal art.  Hammered by hand out of recycled 55 gallon steel drums.
Anchored in Hope

Their mission is "to empower Haitian artisans to provide for their families with dignity." They sell beautifully-made Haitian metal art, featuring fun and inspiring quotes and Scriptures to hang on your wall!

Deux Mains Men's Sandals, ethically handcrafted in Haiti and eco-friendly.
Deux Mains

"Impact with every step." They sell ethically-made sandals for men and women, which are made from recycled tires and are changing lives in Haiti.

Little by Little essential oil diffuser bracelet, providing jobs in Haiti so parents do not have to give their children up to orphanages.
Little by Little

Helps keep children in Haiti out of orphanages by employing parents who are on the verge of giving their children up due extreme poverty. They sell essential oil diffuser jewelry and Haitian metal art.

Avanti Coffee Company Coffee Lover Bundle. Direct Trade Coffee from Haiti.
Avanti Coffee Company

They work directly with coffee farmers in remote areas of Haiti, to grow their coffee, paying above fair trade rates, and they partner with their farmers to rebuild local schools that were destroyed by Hurricane Matthew.

Shop Hope Global Kara Classic Shell Bracelet
Shop Hope Global

Their "mission is to help provide dignified employment for Haitian artisans by promoting a line of ethical fashion products." They offer apparel, accessories and home decor, made in Haiti.

Beljoy Buchele bracelet. Ethically made in Haiti.

"Born out of a vision to give the people of Haiti opportunities to earn money through honest and dignified work."  Check out their unique handmade jewelry!

Peace Cycle toiletries bag. Eco-friendly and ethically made from upcycled trash in Haiti!

"Changing lives through empowerment, environmental education and employment." They offer eco-friendly pouches, totes, bibs and more, created out of ironed water bags that make beautiful products instead of littering the streets in Haiti!

Vineworks Musical Note ornament.jpg

50% of their profits is given back to the country where their fair trade products are produced! They offer Haitian coffee and metal art.

Elisha C watercolor kimono. Hand-painted in Haiti.
Elisha C.

Works with Haitians "to end poverty through job creation, education and empowerment."  She sells amazing apparel, home goods, essential oils, coffee and chocolate, made in Haiti.

Goex fair trade women's t-shirt. Ethically-made in Haiti andsupports the Global Orphan Project.

Devotes all profits to care for orphaned and vulnerable children with the The Global Orphan Project. They make fair trade tops, and custom printed t-shirts, fleeces, and sweatshirts, for men, women and children.

Haiti Design Co leather credit card holder.
Haiti Design Co

Works in Haiti to develop "craftsmen and leaders that are able to use their skills to provide for their families." They offer beautifully-made home goods as well as accessories for both men and women.

Mission Lazarus travel cord case.jpg
Lazarus Artisan Goods

“Exists to empower local Hondurans and Haitians." They sell incredible, high quality leather products, intentionally made in Haiti, including everything from cord tacos to Bible covers to wallets & lots more!

The Honest Consumer 10 Brands Empowering Haiti Through Sustainable Employment.
The Honest Consumer

Also check out

"10 Brands Empowering Haiti Through Sustainable Employment."

from The Honest Consumer!

Rosie's Boutique Embroidered Greeting Cards, handmade in Haiti.
Rosie's Boutique

“Rosie's greeting cards exists to create jobs for mamas in Haiti."  Their hand-embroidered greeting cards and sets are beautiful and fun to give, with options for every occasion.  (I love giving out their cards!)

Gift of Hope Haiti Kajou Serving Spoons.
Gift of Hope Haiti

"Gift of Hope is an ethical fashion brand created to protect people and our planet while breaking the cycle of poverty through job creation and orphan prevention." They sell beautiful home goods, accessories and gifts. (I love their Kajou serving spoons.)

Petite Palm muslin baby blanket. Handmade in Haiti.
Petite Palm

Their "one-of-a-kind goods craft opportunity for women to thrive."  They sell beautiful baby products and jewelry, handmade with love in Haiti.

Papillon Adventures are Forever Pillow. Made in Haiti.

"Creating jobs for mothers & fathers who don’t want to have to abandon their children to an orphanage." They sell awesome fair trade Haitian products including jewelry, toys, home goods and mugs.

Mission of Hope Petite Macrame Wall Hanging.
Mission of Hope

"Giving the gift of life transformation" in Haiti. They sell beautiful Haitian jewelry and home decor.

Hands of Haiti Bicycle Yard Stake. Hammered Metal, Handcrafted in Haiti.
Hands of Haiti

"Orphan prevention through job creation." They sell a beautiful and fun collection of handcrafted decor and metal art from Haiti. 

2nd Story Goods bead wrap bracelet. Handmade in Haiti.
2nd Story Goods

Works in a small town in Haiti to provide much needed jobs and hope to their community. They offer Haitian leather wallets, portfolios & bags, plus backpacks, rugs, apparel & more, incredibly made out of up-cycled materials.

Give a Damn Goods Women's T-shirt. Ethically made in Haiti.
Give a Damn Goods

“Focuses on affordable goods that make a difference.”  They sell great conversation-starting t-shirts for men and women, which are ethically made in Haiti.

Trades of Hope Gretchen necklace. Handmade in Haiti.
Trades of Hope

Sells products made by women whose "story has changed from pain and struggle to a story of hope!" They offer high-quality purses and jewelry from Haiti.

Shop to Support Haiti. Shop from brands which are providing jobs and creating a market for good made in Haiti.
Still Looking?

Keep scrolling down for lots more places to shop to find products made in Haiti which are also making a difference in Haiti!​

Deux Mains: Sandals, Handbags and Jewelry Ethically-Made in Haiti.


Below are even more brands creating meaningful jobs in Haiti: 

Bagay Ki Bon

(Handbags made in Haiti and for every one sold, a backpack is donated to a school child in Haiti.)

Haiti Made

(Authentic Haitian leather goods for home and travel, which are creating jobs in Haiti.)

Gift of Hope Haiti

(Home goods, jewelry, purses, toys and t-shirts breaking the cycle of poverty through job creation in Haiti.)


(Crossbody bags and jewelry made in Haiti.)

Share Hope

(Leggings made in Haiti which are changing lives.)

Simba Haiti

(Jewelry and hair accessories providing clean water in Haiti.)

Caribbean Craft

(Paper mache home décor supporting the livelihood of hundreds of Haitian artisans.)

Ti Sak Suk

(Men, women and children's apparel, made in Haiti.)


(Hot sauces and cooking sauces made out of local Haitian ingredients.

Pascale Theard Creations

(Handbags and leather accessories from Haiti.)

Wild & Fierce Children's Wear

(Children's clothing made in Haiti.)

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