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Host a Fair Trade Show or Festival

Want to make a difference in the world by hosting a fair trade show in your home, your church or in your community?  Below are links to organizations which are changing lives around the world through the products they sell.  Now you can join them by scrolling through the opportunities below.  Contact us to get your event listed in our fair trade festival guide.

2nd Story Goods

(They offer fundraising Causebox with leather accessories from Haiti, so you can join them in creating jobs in Haiti and fundraise for your own cause at the same time.)

Alternative Gifts Market

(They help you organize, create and advertise a world-changing gifts market, online and/or as a local event.)

Amani Ya Juu 

(Host a home party with their beautiful fair trade accessories, home decor, kids toys and holiday products.  I have hosted several and they are always a hit.)​


Azizi Life 

(Host a home party, event or fundraiser with their lovely fair trade Rwandan decor.)


Education and More 

(Sell their fair trade decor from Guatemala by hosting a party at your home or church.)​


Equal Exchange 

(Sell their fair trade coffee, tea and chocolate for your church coffee hour or at events.)

FairTrade Caravans

(Fair trade fundraisers for schools, nonprofits and clubs.  They also offer online fundraisers.)


Nightlight Collection

(Host a jewelry party in your home, earn free products and support dignified jobs and freedom for women escaping the sex industry.)


(Support job creation and orphan prevention in Haiti with their bulk bundles for resell.)


​Project Lydia 

(Host a party in your home or community, earn free products and support women and children in Uganda.)


Rosie's Boutique

(Buy a pack of Rosie's Boutique greeting cards, which are beautifully embroidered by moms in Haiti, and resell them as a fundraiser.)


("Bring hope and opportunity to disadvantaged artisans and farmers" by hosting a fair trade community sale or consignment sale.)

Women of Hope Guatemala

(Host a home show or Facebook party to sell their gorgeous jewelry and Christmas decorations and support their mission "weaving together business and discipleship" for women in Guatemala.  My Women of Hope party was a great success and a lot of fun.)

Trades of Hope

(Join them "to give women power over poverty and human trafficking" by hosting a show in your home or online with your friends, and earn free fair trade products.)


(They offer lots of resources to make it easy to set up a fair trade market in your home or church and join them in supporting ministries around the world.)

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