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U.S. Ethical Shopping Guide

Lunch Boxes & Water Bottles

I was very excited to discover the lunch products I share with you below.  For years, I searched for ethically-made lunch boxes, water bottles and coffee tumblers, before finding these.  And not only are these sweatshop-free and eco-friendly, but each one you buy is sold by brands which are changing lives around the world.


For more ethically-made lunch containers and water bottles, check out:



(Sustainable water bottles with a lifetime warranty which are 100% made and sourced in the USA.)


(Eco-friendly lunch box organizers and utensils, made in the USA from recycled materials!) 

Bella Luna's lunch boxes


(Eco-friendly, plastic-free lunch boxes, straws, bentos and more.)


(Eco-friendly lunch and drink containers.)

United by Blue

(Eco-friendly water bottles, travel cups and filters.)

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