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Ethical Business Resources

Marketing Resources


Starting a fair trade or social good shop or brand or looking to grow your current store?  Below are both paid and free resources and links to help you market your brand or store.

Change the World By How You Shop ad v2.p


(They offer marketing and communication support for nonprofits and social enterprises. When you are stuck on marketing, strategy or communication, Kristi Porter has a gift for understanding the problem and coming up with a workable, effective solution. Also check out their amazing free "Launch Marketing Checklist," their affordable "Promote With Purpose: Launch Strategy Guide" and their 15-minute consultation option.)


(Helps mission-driven, do good brands gain new customers online. Free to join and only pay for results.  Quick and easy to set up and a great way to raise brand awareness among ethical consumers and gain new customers.)


(Add your business listing for free on Fairspot to help customers find you.)

RISE Creative Co.

(They serve brands changing the world with design, branding and marketing support services and come highly recommended by a number of ethical brands.  Also check out their blog and sign up for their e-mail list for great free resources to help your brand succeed.)

Still Being Molly

(1 on 1 consultation and coaching sessions on affiliate marketing or working with influencers.  Molly Stillman has a beautiful heart to make a difference and supports businesses with purpose through her highly successful blog and podcast.)

Scaling Good

(A Facebook Group offering marketing support and ideas for ethical business founders and entrepreneurs wanting to grow their business for good.)

Signify Blog: "Ask the Experts: Design & Branding for Social Impact Organizations"

"8 Creative Ways for Gaining More Email Subscribers"

Drew McGill Photography

(Professional photography for your brand by a studio who works with social good businesses.)

GoodCarts: "5 Foolproof Ways to Drive Free Traffic to Your Shopify Store"

"4 Tips for Turning Your Customers Into Passionate Fans"

Brisa Videos

(Easily create videos for your website and social media to showcase your products.  Extra support for non-profits and brands with social causes.)

Callie Himsl

(Her services include branding, logo design, photography and coaching for social entrepreneurs.)

Grow Ensemble

(Their services help world changing businesses drive more traffic to their websites and build an e-mail list.)


(Hassle-free support for growing and managing your wholesale business.)


(Eco-friendly business cards made from banana fibres - currently available in the UK only.)

Rank&File: "How to Never Feel Like You're Selling Again"

(Great article by Bethany Tran from The Root Collective on marketing for social entrepreneurs.)


(Subscribe to get their free in-depth guides to successfully growing your miss-driven ecommerce store.)

Signify Resource List

(Resource guide for nonprofits and social enterprises.  Also browse through their blog to find free advice on marketing and communication.)


(Over a million royalty-free photos, images, illustrations and vector graphics to use in advertising, social media, blogs and more.)

Mission Mango

(Minimalist marketing coaching and consulting for socially conscious and ethically-minded businesses.)

Signify Solutions on E-mail Marketing

(Blog post: "What and Why You Should be E-mailing Your List.")


(Free high resolution photos to use in your marketing.)

Signify Blog: "10 High Result, Low Budget Marketing Ideas"

Haute Holistica

(Andrea Bell offers purpose driven marketing consulting.)

Signify: "21 Simple Yet Powerful Marketing Ideas that are Free or Cheap"

(Sign up for their e-mail list to receive this guide and also receive their occasional e-mails with excellent advice for running and promoting nonprofits and social good companies.)

From Scratch

(Copy coaching, website and e-mail audits for conscious businesses.)

Business Support

Business consultation and support services aimed at helping social good businesses succeed.

Wholesale Links

Looking for products for your store?  Browse our list of mission-based brands which offer wholesale.

Website Design

Resources to help you design and set up your website and online store.

Fabric Sourcing

Where to find wholesale ethical, sustainable and deadstock fabrics for your ethical fashion brand.

Drop Ship

Get started easily with an online fair trade store by selling drop ship.


Free resources that teach SEO basics to help your website get found online.

Social Media

Paid and free resources to help you get your business found on social media.

Affiliate Links

How to set up affiliate marketing to promote your brand or shop.

Custom Products

Where to buy ethically-made custom business logo products and custom wholesale products.

Cut & Sew Services

Where to find ethical cut and sew services to supply your ethical fashion brand.


Where to find eco-friendly packaging supplies for shipping your ethical products.


Paid and free resources that can help you market your brand or store.


Links to information on fair trade/ethical certifications.

Supply Chain

Resources for tracing your supply chain and finding ethical and sustainable sourcing options.

Social Good Business Resource Guide: Paid and Free Resources Designed to Help You Grow Your Social Good Brand or Fair Trade Shop Online
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