Ethical Brands Master List

For Ethical Bloggers

Below are links to businesses, brands and boutiques which are changing lives around the world through the products they sell.  All of them we have vetted for both their ethics and their social impact.  And most we have either purchased or seen their products, so we can vouch for their quality as well!!  Find them listed alphabetically by category below.  (Scroll down to find categories by cause.)



​FT= Fair Trade  

DT= Direct Trade (works directly with artisans/farmers) 

OB=Online Boutique 

GB=Give Back

Apparel, Shoes & Accessories

139 Made (Christian tees for men, women and children) - OB

Adi Collective (Women's Apparel) - DT


Adored Boutique (Women's Apparel and Shoes) - OB


Amani Ya Juu (Women's Apparel & Scarves, Baby Clothes, Men's Accessories) - FT/DT


Amma's Umma (Women's Apparel and Shoes) - OB

Around Eco (Eco-friendly, organic tees for men & women, made in the USA) - DT

Azerbaijani Socks (Slipper socks for men, women and children) - DT


Beza Threads (Scarves) - DT


Beautiful Uprising (Women's Apparel, Dresses, Plus-Sizes and Toddler Clothes) - OB


Bought Beautifully (Women's Tops and Dresses) - OB


Cobian Footwear (Sandals for Men, Women and Children) -  GB


Education and More (Scarves) - FT/DT


Elegantees (Women's and Girl's Apparel) - DT


Elisha C. (Hand-painted Kimonos and Scarves) - DT


Eternal Threads (Scarves, Shawls and Hair Accessories) - FT


Freedom's Promise (Silk Scarves and Pashminas) - FT

Freeset (Custom Tees & Hats) - FT​

Give a Damn Goods (T-shirts and Sweatshirts for men and women) - OB


Goex (Custom T-shirts) - FT


Go Fish Clothing & Jewelry Co. (Women's Apparel) - OB

GroFive (Adults & Kids Sandals that Grow 5 Sizes) – GB

Haiti Made (Beanies and trucker hats.) - DT


Hope Outfitters (Christian Tees and Hats for Men, Women, Kids and Babies) - GB


Imagine Goods (Women's and Men's Apparel) - OB


Jessica Rey (Women and Children's Swimwear, Women's Apparel) - OB

Karama Collection (Woven Wraps) - DT


Known Supply (Men's and Women's Apparel) - DT


Krochet Kids (Men's and Women's Apparel and Hats, Baby Clothes) - DT


Landmine Design (Kimonos) - DT

Made for Them (Men's, Women's & Children's clothing ) - OB

Made Trade (Women's Apparel & Shoes) - OB

Mango + Main (Women & Girls' Apparel) - FT

Mayan Hands (Woven scarves and jackets) - FT

Naupaka (Beach clothing and accessories for men, women and kids.) - OB


Noonday Collection (Scarves and Shawls) - OB

Petite Palm (5-in-1 baby covers which are also infinity scarves, nursing covers & More!)


Redemption Market (Women's Tees) - OB/FT

Rise and Empower (Women's Apparel) - DT

Sak Saum (Women's Apparel) - DT


Serrv (Women's Apparel, Scarves and Winter Accessories) - FT


Ten Thousand Villages (Scarves, Hats, Robes, Kimonos) - FT

The Lemonade Boutique (Women's Apparel and Accessories) - OB


The Marketplace (Women's Apparel, Shoes and Accessories) - OB


The Root Collective (Women's Shoes) - DT


The Village Country Store (Baby & Children's Apparel, Scarves & Headbands) - FT

Threading Love (Women's Apparel) - DT


Trades of Hope (Scarves, Kimonos and Headbands) - OB


Trove (Women's Apparel) - DT


Vickery Trading Co. (Women's and Kids Apparel) - DT


White Rainbow Project (Scarves and Kimonos) - DT

Zel Haiti (Scrubs for Medical Professionals) - DT


Home Goods

2nd Story Goods (Rugs, Pillows, Blankets) - DT


Amani Ya Juu (Kitchen Products and Home Decor, Quilts)​ - FT


Anchored in Hope Haiti (Haitian Metal Art) - DT


Azizi Life (Rwandan Baskets, Kitchen, and Home Decor) - FT

Bought Beautifully (Kitchen and Home Decor) - OB


Crosstrade (Kitchen, Baskets and Home Decor) - FT

Education and More (Kitchen Linens and Bath Towels) - DT/FT


Elisha C. (Kitchen and Candles) - OB

Give a Damn Goods (Kitchen, throws, candles and more) - OB


Go Fish Clothing & Jewelry Co. (Home Decor and Kitchen) - OB

Grain of Rice Project (Kitchen and Home Decor handmade in Kenya) - DT


Haiti Design Co (Home Decor) - DT

Hands of Haiti (Haitian metal art and Christmas decor.) - OB


Hands Producing Hope (Baskets) - DT

HUGG Mission Market (Kitchen and Home Decor) - DT

Imagine Goods (Kitchen Linens) - OB

Karama Collection (Kitchen Linens, Home Decor and Bath Towels) - DT

Little by Little (Haitian Metal Wall Art) - DT


Made, Co. (Home Goods) - OB

Made Trade (Home Goods, Furniture and Lighting) - OB


Market Haiti (Haitian Metal Art) - DT


Market of Hope (Haitian Metal Art) - DT

Mayan Hands (Woven baskets, holiday, Judaica and table linens) - FT


Mercy House Global (Home Décor) - DT/FT


MudLOVE (Pottery and Custom Mugs, made in USA) - GB


No. 41 (Home Décor and Kitchen) - DT


Papillon Enterprise (Haitian Metal Art, Christmas Décor, Kitchen Pottery & Mugs) - FT


Persona Grata (Kitchen Linens) - DT

Rahab's Rope (Home Décor) - FT

Sari Bari (Home Décor, Kitchen Linens) - DT


Serrv (Kitchen, Home Décor, Bedroom, Furniture, Baskets, Garden Décor) - FT


Shop With a Mission (Home Décor and Kitchen) - FT


Ten Thousand Villages (Kitchen, Home Décor, Bedroom, Bath, Furniture, Lamps, Outdoor) - FT


The Marketplace (Home Décor) - OB


The Sparrow Studio (Kitchen, Pillows, Baskets, Wall Art) - DT 


The Village Country Store (Home Décor, Garden, Kitchen, Candles) - FT


Trades of Hope (Home Décor) - OB

Vineworks (Haitian Metal Art) - OB


Wisteria (Furniture and Décor) - DT

Women of Hope Guatemala (Christmas Decorations) - DT


​WorldCrafts (Home Décor and Kitchen) - FT


Purses, Bags, Totes, Wallets

2nd Story Goods (Bags, Messenger Bags, Wallets) - DT

3Strands (Leather Handbags) - DT


Amani Ya Juu (Clutches, Bags, Wallets & Totes, Tech Accessories and Kids Backpacks) FT


Amma's Umma (Purses and Totes) - OB

Artisan Streams (Leather Bags, Purses, Wallets, Cases) - DT


Beza Threads (Leather Clutches, Totes and Messenger Bags) - DT

Bought Beautifully (Totes, bags, clutches, messenger bags and packs.) - OB


Designed for Joy (Clutches  and Totes, made in USA) - DT

Education and More (Clutches, Totes, Weekenders, Cross-body, Cosmetic Bags) - FT


​Eternal Threads (Bags, Totes, Wallets and Backpacks) - FT


Freedom's Promise (Upcycled grocery bags, lunch bags, totes, cosmetic bags) - FT

Freeset (Bags & custom bags) - FT

Give a Damn Goods (Leather bags, wallets and backpacks) - OB


Haiti Design Co (Leather Purses &Totes, Wallets & Accessories) -DT

Haiti Made (Leather totes, purses and wallets.) - DT


Imagine Goods (Purses) - OB

Karama Collection (Leather totes, backpacks, purses and wallets) - DT

Lazarus Artisan Goods (Leather Totes, Electronics Sleeves, Purses, Travel) - DT

Mango + Main (Leather bags, totes, essential oil holders, sunglass cases) - FT

Maya Collection (Purses) - DT


Mayan Hands (Woven totes, clutches, coin purses and cosmetic bags) - FT

New Hope Girls (Totes, Bags, Purses, Clutches, Laptop Bags) - DT


Noonday Collection (Purses and Totes) - OB

PeaceCYCLE (Eco-friendly Totes, Bags, Cosmetic Bags, Pouches) - DT


​Persona Grata (Carpet Bags, Purses and Wallets) - DT


Redemption Market (Handbags and Wallets) - OB/FT


Re:new Project (Purses, Totes, Clutches) - DT

Sari Bari (Travel Bags, Backpacks, Totes, Purses, Wallets, Laptop Sleeves) - DT


Serrv (Bags, Totes, Coin Purses) - FT/DT


Shop With a Mission (Overnight Bags, Totes, Backpacks, Purses, Wallets) - FT


Ten Thousand Villages (Bags, Clutches, Wallets, Backpacks, Totes) - FT

The Lemonade Boutique (Bags, Clutches, Wallets, Crossbody Purses, Coin Purses) - OB


The Marketplace (Totes, Purses, Wallets and Backpacks) - OB


The Sparrow Studio (Weekenders, Backpacks, Purses, Wallets, Totes) - DT


The Village Country Store (Purses, Totes, Messenger Bags, Wallets) - OB/FT


Trades of Hope (Bags, Backpacks and Purses) - OB


The Tote Project (Totes and Pouches) - DT

Vi Bella Jewelry (Totes and Clutches) - DT


WorldCrafts (Purses, Totes, Lunch Bags, Wallets) - FT



2nd Story Goods (Haitian Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets) - DT

3Strands (Bracelets, Necklaces) - DT


31 Bits (Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings, Rings, Charms, Kids Jewelry) - DT


Akola Project (Jewelry) - DT


Amani Ya Juu (Seed, bone, silver, brass and beaded African Jewelry) - FT


Amazima (Jewelry) - DT


Amma's Umma (Jewelry) - OB


Beljoy (Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Mommy & Me Sets) - DT

Bought Beautifully (Ethically-made Jewelry )- OB


Crosstrade (Brazilian Jewelry) - DT/FT


​Designed for Joy (Leather Jewelry, made in USA) - DT


Dunitz & Company (fair trade jewelry) - FT


Eden Ministry (Jewelry) - DT


Eternal Threads (Bracelets, Earrings and Necklaces) - FT


Fashion and Compassion (Jewelry) - DT

Give a Damn Goods (Jewelry) - OB


Go Fish Clothing & Jewelry Co. (Jewelry) - OB

Grain of Rice Project (Jewelry handmade in Kenya) - DT​


Haiti Design Co (Haitian Jewelry) - DT

Hands of Haiti (Bracelets made in Haiti.) - OB


Hands Producing Hope (Bracelets, Earrings and Necklaces) - DT


HUGG Mission Market (Handcrafted jewelry) - DT

Karama Collection (Jewelry) - DT


Landmine Design (Jewelry for Men and Women) - DT


Little by Little (Haitian Jewelry) - DT

Mango + Main (Fair trade jewelry) - FT


Market Haiti (Haitian Jewelry) - DT


Market of Hope (Jewelry from Haiti) - DT

Maya Collection (Jewelry Made by Refugees) - DT


MudLOVE (Clay bracelets and necklaces that give back) - GB

Naupaka (Beach-inspired jewelry) - OB


Nightlight Collection (Jewelry) - DT


Noonday Collection (Jewelry) - FT


Papillon Enterprise (Beaded and Metal Art Jewelry from Haiti) - FT


Persona Grata Goods (African-Style Jewelry) - DT

Petite Palm (Feather earrings and beaded bracelets, made in Haiti) - DT


Purpose Jewelry (Jewelry) - DT

Rahab's Rope (Fair Trade Jewelry) - FT


Ruhamah Designs (Jewelry from India) - DT

Sela Designs (Give back jewelry, made from ethically-sourced materials) - DT


Serrv (Fair Trade Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings) - FT


Starfish Project (Jewelry) - DT


Ten Thousand Villages (Fair Trade Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces, Rings) - FT


The Lemonade Boutique (Jewelry and Kids Jewelry) - OB

The Marketplace (Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings) - OB


The Sparrow Studio (Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings) - DT


The Village Country Store (Fair Trade Jewelry) - FT


Trades of Hope (Jewelry) - OB


Uncvrd (Jewelry) - DT

Vi Bella Jewelry (Jewelry) - DT


Vineworks (Jewelry) - OB


White Rainbow Project (Bracelets) - FT

Women of Hope Guatemala (Beaded Jewelry) - DT


WorldCrafts (Fair Trade Jewelry) - FT


Amani Ya Juu (Greeting Cards, Bookmarks and Journals) - FT


Amma's Umma (Greeting Cards and Journals) - OB


Eternal Threads (Pressed Flower Note Cards, Gift Bags, Bookmarks) - FT


Ten Thousand Villages (Greeting Cards, Gift Bags, Journals) - FT


The Village Country Store (Journals and Note Cards) - FT


Toys & Baby

2nd Story Goods (Baby Gifts) - DT


Amani Ya Juu (Kids & Baby Toys, Games, Stuffed Animals, Dolls) - FT

Beebee + Bongo (Baby, Kids and Toddler Education Toys, Stuffed Animals) - DT


Bebemoss (Knitted Stuffed Animals) - DT

Eternal Threads (Kids Toys) - FT

Fair Trade Caravans (Fair Trade Fundraisers for Schools) - FT


Hands Producing Hope (Baby Gifts) - DT


KidKnits (Craft Kits for Kids) - DT


Mercy House Global (Kids Toys & Activities) - FT


Papillon Enterprise (Games, Stuffed Animals & Dolls) - FT

Petite Palm (Baby blankets, baby covers & nursing covers) - DT

Sari Bari  (Baby blankets, diaper bags & changing pads) - DT


Shop With a Mission (Kids Toys and School Supplies) - FT


Ten Thousand Villages (Kids Toys) - FT


The Marketplace (Baby Toys and Booties) - OB


The Village Country Store (Kids Games, Puzzles and Toys) - FT

Treetops Collective (Baby & Toddler Apparel) - DT

Vineworks (Kids Toys and Hats) - OB


WorldCrafts (Preschool Toys) - FT


Food & Drinks

41 & Change (Direct Trade Coffee) - DT

Askinosie (Direct Trade Chocolate) - DT

Equal Exchange (Fair Trade Coffee, Tea and Chocolate) - FT


Elisha C. (Haitian Coffee and Chocolate) - DT

HOPE Coffee (Direct Trade Coffee that Gives Back) - DT/GB

Give a Damn Goods (Coffee and Chocolate) - OB


Land of a Thousand Hills (Direct Trade Coffee)​ - DT


Market of Hope (Haitian Coffee) - DT


Pura Vida Create Good (Fair Trade Organic Coffee) - FT/GB

RefuTea (Tea that Give Back to Support Refugees) - DT

San Lazaro Coffee (Direct Trade Coffee) - DT


Serrv (Fair Trade Chocolate, Coffee, Tea, Spices, Oils) - FT


The Marketplace (Coffee, Tea and Chocolate) - OB


Three Avocados ("World-Changing" Coffee) - DT


Bath & Beauty

Elisha C. (Essential Oils, Scrubs and Soaps) - OB

Freedom Studios (Lotions, Soaps, Cosmetics & More) - DT


Give a Damn Goods (Lotions, soaps, body scrubs) - OB

Papillon Enterprise (Essential Oil, Diffusers and Soap) - DT

Petite Palm (Essential Oils) - DT

Project Lydia (Soaps, Lip Balm and Gift Baskets) - FT


Redemption Market (Perfume, Lotion and Soap) - OB

Ten Thousand Villages (Robes, Soaps, Spa Kits, Essential Oils) - FT

Thistle Farms (Bath & Body Products) - DT


Trades of Hope (Lip Balm and Soap) - OB


Human Trafficking

(Survivors & Prevention)

139 Made

3 Strands

Beza Threads

Branded Collective

Cause Gear

Dear Survivor

Designed for Joy

Eden Ministry


Eleventh Candle Co.

Eternal Threads

Freedom's Promise

Freedom Studios


Imagine Goods

Landmine Design

Made for Them

New Creation

New Hope Girls

Nightlight Collection

Purpose Jewelry

Rahab's Rope

Ruhamah Designs

Sak Saum

Samaritan Creations

Sari Bari

Starfish Project

The Tote Project

Thistle Farms

Threading Love

Threads of Hope

Uncvrd Jewelry

Universole Hope


Worthwhile Wear



Adi Collective





Maya Collection

Persona Grata Goods

Preemptive Love Coalition

Prosperity Candle

Re:new Project


Treetops Collective

Vickery Trading Co.


Adoption, Orphans & Orphan Prevention

Amma's Umma

Hands of Haiti

HUGG Mission Market

Little by Little

Noonday Collection




A Sister's Heart


Education and More


Market Haiti