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Shop for a Good Cause

Orphans & Orphan Prevention


Do you have a special heart for orphans and adoptions?  Browse below to find beautiful products from brands which support orphan care, give back to fund adoptions, or are preventing orphans by providing jobs for parents in poverty (scroll down to learn more.)  You can touch a life and make a difference with each purchase!


(NOTES: Prices and availability may change without notice.  If you buy through some of these links, a small amount will come back to help support our mission.)

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress..." 

James 1:27 NIV

Shop to Support Orphans, Adoptions and Orphan Prevention


Learn more about the brands featured on this guide:

Amma's Umma

Amma's Umma is an ethical boutique which gives back to support orphans and adoptions.


They sell custom printed, fair trade apparel and are owned by The Global Orphan Project. ​

Hands of Haiti​

Hands of Haiti's goal is to keep children out of orphanages by creating jobs in Haiti so parents can afford to raise their own children.

HUGG Mission Market

Together with their partner organization HandUp Global Ministries, they equip young men who have aged out of orphanages in Haiti with "Jesus and jobs."

Julie Godshall

She sells products from the Noonday Collection. Their fair trade jewelry and accessories are creating meaningful jobs around the world and also give back to support adoptions. She also does "Adoption Trunk Shows" to help individual families raise money to adopt.

Little by Little

Helps keep children in Haiti out of orphanages by employing parents who are on the verge of giving their children up due extreme poverty.


The story behind Papillon began when a young mother was in the process of adopting from Haiti and discovered most of the "orphans" in the orphanage had living parents who simply could not afford to feed them.  So was born Papillon Empowerment, which focuses on "orphan prevention through job creation."​

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