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Ethical Shopping Guides

Master List

Cannot find the ethically-made product you are looking for on our Ethical Product Guide?  Scroll the list below to browse through all our favorite ethical shopping guides we have discovered around the internet. Or e-mail us and we will be happy to help you search!

Change the World by How You Shop

U.S. Ethical Shopping Guide

(We make it easy for you to find ethical & fair trade products that give back!)

Change the World by How You Shop's 

Pinterest Board of Ethical Shopping Guides

(Well over 200 links!)


Still Being Molly: 

Fair Trade, Ethically Made, Made in the USA Clothing, Fashion, & Product Directory


The Root Collective's 

Ethical List E-book

Ethical Clothing

Search Directory of Ethical Clothing Brands in Europe


Ethical Fashion Directory

Redemption Market:

"Ethical + Fair Trade Shopping Guide 2021"

Ashleigh Becker

Ethical Brand Directory

Conscious Life & Style

Ethical Brand List


Ethical Made Easy: 

Ethical Brand Directory


Ethical Men's Fashion Shopping Guide


The Art of Simple: 

"Ethical Shopping Guide"​


 Root Collective Pinterest Boards

(Loads of ethical shopping pins by category)

Sustainability Chic: 

Sustainable Brands to Love

My Educated Style's Free Guide:

"5 Simple Steps Toward An Ethical Wardrobe"

Wonderful Things

Discover sustainable, ethical and American made products you can purchase on Amazon.


​Sara Laughed: 

Plus Sized Ethical Clothing


Still Being Molly: 

17 of the Best Options for Plus Sized Ethical Fashion


Society B: 

A Marketplace for Good

​Rain for Change: 

Brands to Love

Baptist World Aid Australia:

Ethical Fashion Guide

Ethical Made Easy:

Ethical Brand Directory


​Bien Faire: 

Ethical Clothing and Shoes Brand List


Fair Trade Federation: 

Guide to Member Businesses


​Amani Ya Juu's Pinterest Boards on Fair Trade​



Where to Shop


​Trend Hunter: 

100 Ethical Fair Trade Products

Global Steward's 

Directory of Online Fair Trade Shops

USA Love List

Directory of Products Made in USA



Eco-Friendly and Socially Responsible Products


​Green America's Guide to Fair Trade Retailers


Fair for All Guide: 

Resources - Ethical Lifestyle Blogs and Shopping Guides

​Seasons + Salt: 

"Where to Shop: My Favorite Ethical Retailers + Designers"

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