​​​​​​​​​​To RESEARCH the ethics behind the brands you buy,

check out these links:

​Ethical Consumer:

Ethical Buyer Guide (everything from computers to diapers!​​)

​Good on You App:

Ethical Ratings on Fashion

Done Good:

A free, downloadable browser extension which helps you shop responsibly online

(Note: This one also has political alerts, but you can turn them off.)


A smartphone app that lets you scan products to check out the ethics behind them

(Note: This app is also very politically-based, but does let you choose which issues you care about.)

Fair Labor Association:

Participating Companies

B Certified Corporations

Slave Free Chocolate:

"Ethical Chocolate Companies"

​Fair Trade Resource Network:

"Identifying Fair Trade Products"

Baptist World Aid's Behind the Barcode:

 2016 Ratings on Major Electronics Brands

​Baptist World Aid's Behind the Barcode:

2017 Ratings on Major Apparel Brands

Fashion Revolution:

Fashion Transparency Index 2018 (Covers 150 brands!)

Follow the Things:

Another Kind of Shopping

Better World Shopper

Other Ethical Shopping Guides

Change the World by How You Shop Logo: The U.S. Ethical Shopping Guide https://www.changetheworldbyhowyoushop.com
Still having trouble finding the ethically-made product you are looking for?  Click on the links below for other ethical shopping guides I have discovered around the internet. Or e-mail me and I will be happy to help you search!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​For more ETHICAL SHOPPING GUIDES check out these links:

Change the World by How You Shop's

Pinterest Board of Ethical Shopping Guides

Mercy House Global:

Ethical Shopping Guide

The Art of Simple:

"Ethical Shopping Guide"

The Root Collective's

Ethical List E-book


Slave-Free Christmas Shopping Guides

Busy Mommy:

150+ Social Good Companies

 Root Collective Pinterest Boards

(Loads of ethical shopping pins by category!)

Shop With Meaning:

Online Ethical Shopping Guide​​

​Style Wise:

Ethical Fashion & Living Shopping Directory

Style Wise:

A Master List of Ethical Shopping Resources

Style Wise:

70 Ethical Clothing Companies

Make It Ethical:

160 Ethical Fashion Brands

​The Good Trade's

Ethical Shopping Guides

Still Being Molly:

Fair Trade, Ethically Made, Made in the USA Clothing, Fashion, & Product Directory

​​​Fine Yellow: 

Find Stylish Conscious Fashion

Sustainbility Chic:

Sustainable Brands to Love

Global Dream Collective

Guide to Conscious Companies

Allie Frownie:

"Ultimate List of Sustainable Clothing Brands"


"50+ Eco & Ethical Fashion Brands"

Evan Brooke:

Socially and Environmentally Responsible Brands

​Sara Laughed:

Plus Sized Ethical Clothing

Still Being Molly:

17 of the Best Options for Plus Sized Ethical Fashion

Fairly Southern:

"Plus Size Ethical Fashion Shopping Guide"

Society B:

A Marketplace for Good


(As a Certified B Corporation, check out their Ethical Expectations for Sellers.)

Micah Challenge USA:

Ethical Shopping Guide​


Ethical Fashion Shopping Guide

​Rain for Change:

Brands to Love

Simply Liv & Co.:

Ethical Shopping - The List

Ethos Collection:

Online Shop for Ethical Clothing and Accessories

​Kiss Collective:

Responsible Brands Directory - Women's Fashion

Good on You:

Ethical Fashion Shopping App

​Bien Faire:

Ethical Clothing and Shoes Brand List

Fair Trade Federation: 

Guide to Member Businesses

Join the Kind Consumer Challenge

to receive a free Ethical Shopping Guide

​Amani Ya Juu's Pinterest Boards on Fair Trade


Online Guide to Ethical Fashion


Where to Shop

​Trend Hunter:

100 Ethical Fair Trade Products

Global Steward's

Directory of Online Fair Trade Shops

Ecouterre: Online Guide for 

"Eco Fashion, Sustainable Style, Organic Beauty and Ethical Apparel"


Eco-Friendly and Socially Responsible Products

​Green America's Guide to Fair Trade Retailers

Fair for All Guide:

Resources - Ethical Lifestyle Blogs and Shopping Guides

​Raven + Lilly's

"Ethical Home Decor: Where to Shop"

Eat Sleep Be:

"The Great Big List of Buy One Give One Brands"

​Seasons + Salt:

"Where to Shop: My Favorite Ethical Retailers + Designers"

​Busy Mommy:

Ethical Ingredients that are Environmentally and Socially Responsible

The Good Trade:

"​35 Fair Trade and Ethical Clothing Brands that are Betting Against Fast Fashion"