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Church Shopping Guide

Brands We Love


Below is our list of brands and shops included on this shopping guide along with why we love them and why we believe your church will love supporting them too.​

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139Made is a Christian apparel company that gives back to fight human trafficking.  The name comes from Psalm 139.​

2nd Story Goods

Works in a small town in Haiti to provide much needed jobs and hope to their community.  They are a subsidiary of Much Ministries.​

31 Bits

They "use fashion and design to drive positive change in the world by providing artisans with dignified job opportunities and inspiring customers to live meaningful lives.​"  The name comes from Proverbs 31 which "describes a diligent woman providing and caring for her family using her gifts and talents" and “bits” because their original jewelry was made out of "bits" of paper.

Amani Ya Juu

Amani Ya Juu means "peace from above."  Originally started with a group of refugee women in Kenya, many women now are experiencing God's peace after the trauma of their pasts through Amani sewing centers in Kenya, Africa and Uganda.


Antastasis is the Greek word for "ressurection." Their mission is "to testify of the resurrection of Christ as a call to new life."

Anchored in Hope Haiti

Anchored in Hope's mission is "to empower Haitian artisans to provide for their families with dignity."  Their desire is "to inspire hope for a better tomorrow through our reliance on the anchor that we have in Jesus Christ.​"

Anchored Purpose Box

“A monthly subscription box containing authentic ethically-sourced craft items from Christian and nonprofit initiatives working to serve developing countries."

Artruism Imports

A fair trade shop supporting artisans around the world with a vision of "​a world full of more fairness, altruism, love, beauty, art, and hope."

Askinosie Chocolate

Askinosie Chocolate trades directly with cocoa farmers, building relationships and paying higher than fair trade prices for their quality beans.  In addition to improving the lives of cocoa farmers in Tanzania and the Philippines, they have developed a sustainable program which provides school lunches for their children.

Avanti Coffee Company

They work directly with coffee farmers in remote areas of Haiti. They pay above fair trade rates to offer true living wages for farming families . They also partner with their farmers to rebuild local schools that were destroyed by Hurricane Matthew.

Azizi Life

Azizi Life’s vision is "to participate in local initiatives for the development of Rwandan communities, working towards physical and spiritual wholeness for all."

Bought Beautifully

"Bought Beautifully searches the globe to find ministries, organizations, artists, entrepreneurs and individuals who are living out God’s call to LOVE without judgement or discrimination."​

Crowned Free

Crowned free employs human trafficking survivors on their way to building a new life and gives back to organizations fighting human trafficking around the globe through the sale of their women's apparel and accessories.

Education and More

Education and More, "a Christian nonprofit organization, strives to reduce poverty in Guatemala by providing

educational opportunities for students of all ages and by helping those we serve earn a fair income."

Designed for Joy

Designed For Joy is located in North Carolina and provides "a transitional work experience for women coming from trafficking, homelessness, time in prison, overcoming addiction or other vulnerable situations."  Their goal is "for participants to leave DFJ with marketable skills and a solid job reference to succeed in the job market."


"Forai, Inc., is a faith-based, Christian 501(c)3 organization partnering with local refugee and immigrant women to enable the realization of economic, educational, and social goals through training and peer support, and by expanding market opportunities for artisans."

Freedom's Promise

"A faith-based, nonprofit organization that partners with indigenous Cambodian groups to prevent human trafficking and child exploitation by transforming communities."

Gift of Hope Haiti

"Gift of Hope is an ethical fashion brand created to protect people and our planet while breaking the cycle of poverty through job creation and orphan prevention."

Global Hues Market

An artisan marketplace which "exists to break the chains of poverty + trafficking + slavery."

Grain of Rice Project

“A non-profit ministry, which empowers Kenyan people with the love of Christ by training and selling their handcrafted products.”

Grounds for Restoration​

"Grounds for Restoration was created by a group of local abolitionists to support victims of human trafficking and violent abuse.​"  100% of the profit from their coffee goes to support anti-trafficking and restoration efforts through organizations like International Justice Mission.


Their amazing backpacks, totes and slings—with tons of pockets and a lifetime warranty—are sewn in their factory in war-torn northern Uganda, providing jobs and a new life to women who survived the war.

Haiti Design Co.

Haiti Design Co. was founded in 2014 "with the goal to bring about sustainable development through design, training and job creation."

Hands of Haiti​

Their non-profit 1 Heart, 1 Mission joins "in partnership with orphanages, schools and various other ministries in Haiti."  Hands of Haiti's goal is to keep children out of orphanages by creating jobs in Haiti so parents can afford to raise their own children.

Hands Producing Hope

Their vision is "providing the economic, educational, and spiritual resources necessary to empower remote communities to rise above poverty."

Impactful Market

Impactful Market is on a mission to end poverty in Haiti "through job creation, education and empowerment."

Mission of Hope

Mission of Hope partners with artisans in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  They exist "to inspire and change the lives of people and communities in which we serve and do business by creating jobs and fostering training programs in an environment that promotes freedom in Jesus Christ."

Jubilee Trading

"Jubilee Trading Company strives to make a positive impact by creating good jobs with fair wages for skilled artisans around the world."  The name comes from Leviticus 25, where "God declares a year of Jubilee: a time of redemption and restoration, when slaves are to be set free, debts erased, and people were given a new start."

Land of a Thousand Hills

Their mission "is to craft beautiful coffee, create purposeful work, and cultivate flourishing communities." Check out their video on "Engaging Redemption."

Lazarus Artisan Goods

Lazarus Artisan Goods is a social enterprise affiliated with Mission Lazarus.  "Mission Lazarus has helped more than 100,000 people find dignity and purpose in Honduras and Haiti."

Mango + Main

A fair trade shop "on a mission to bring products from tropical lands where mangoes main street, USA."​  You can visit their shop in Annapolis, MD, or shop online to find their beautiful artisan-made goods, impacting 23 different countries.

Market Haiti

"A market place designed to empower & market Haitian artisans in their work.” They are officially endorsed by the Apparent Project.

Maya Collection

"The Maya Collection are handcrafted items created with love by a group of refugee artisans rebuilding their lives in Louisville, KY."

Mayan Hands

“Dedicated to empowering Mayan women in their quest to bring their families out of extreme poverty.”

Mercy House Global

"Mercy House exists to engage, empower and disciple women around the globe in Jesus’ name."  They started a maternity home in Kenya which rescues girls and their babies from the slums and also provides jobs for their mothers. 


Naupaka is an ethical Hawaiian boutique whose mission is "to glorify God in all that we do, to provide our clients with access to worldly goods made by empowered artisans and talented designers, and to create a warm, welcoming, family friendly space for everyone."


The story behind Papillon began when a young mother was in the process of adopting from Haiti and discovered most of the "orphans" in the orphanage had living parents who simply could not afford to feed them.  So was born Papillon Enterprises, which focuses on "orphan prevention through job creation."​

Persona Grata Goods

"Designed to help moms who care about the world make a difference in the lives of other moms."  Persona Grata comes from the Latin "Person Welcome."  They welcome refugee moms in North Carolina and come alongside them as they navigate a new culture and language.

Petite Palm

Their "one-of-a-kind goods craft opportunity for women to thrive."  Their beautiful baby products are handmade in Haiti.

Rafiki Foundation

They sell products handcrafted by widows from their partner churches in Africa.

Rahab's Rope

The mission of Rahab's Rope is "to give hope and opportunity to women and girls that are at risk or have been forced into the commercial sex trade of India." They provide "a safe and loving environment that will enable them to grow and develop both physically and spiritually."

Re:new Project

The Re:new Project is a faith-based, Christian, nonprofit organization that serves refugee women in the Chicago area.  Their desire is "to provide a space for refugee women to thrive as they rebuild their hopes and dreams in the United States."


Rethreaded's mission "is to renew hope, reignite dreams and release potential for survivors of human trafficking locally and globally through business.  Rethreaded provides a second chance at life through employment for survivors of human trafficking in Jacksonville, Florida."

San Lazaro Coffee

"San Lazaro Coffee is committed to delicious coffee and the incredible people that produce it." They are seeing lives changed in Honduras through Mission Lazarus.

Shop With a Mission

Shop With a Mission, a fair trade marketplace, is the retail division of Heavenly Treasures.​  Heavenly Treasures has 'assisted refugees, single mothers, widows, the physically disabled, women & children rescued from human trafficking, orphans, the disenfranchised, and many others...assistance is provided to artisans in the areas of Business Development, International Marketing, Leadership Training, Product Development and Spiritual Guidance."

Ten Thousand Villages

"The original​ fair trader," started in 1946 by one woman, who, along with the Mennonite Central Committee, helped launch the beginnings of the global fair trade movement by selling needlework from impoverished villages abroad out of the trunk of her car.  Today they are breaking "the cycle of poverty and impacting the lives of 20,000 makers in 30 developing countries."

The Lemonade Boutique

Sells beautiful products "made by women facing extreme challenges such as human trafficking, abuse, addiction, disabilities, disease, extreme poverty, and more."  Buying their products allows these women to "take life’s lemons and make lemonade."

The Sparrow Studio

"Feather your nest" with their beautiful handcrafted products bringing hope to women in Rwanda who have suffered a traumatic past.

Trades of Hope

Sells products made by women whose "story has changed from pain and struggle to a story of hope."  They offer gifts "that give women power to break free from poverty and sex-trafficking."

The Village Country Store

Michele, who runs this store, is a personal friend of mine and her heart and passion to follow God's calling to make a difference in the world through selling fair trade products is an inspiration to me.

Three Avocados

The story behind Three Avocados began in a small village in Uganda where the founders witnessed a widow putting three avocados (all she had) into the offering basket to help support her pastor.  They now run a non-profit coffee company and donate their profits to provide clean, safe drinking water in Uganda.

Vi Bella Jewelry

 Vi Bella means “beautiful life.” They believe "everyone deserves a life filled with beauty, hope, dignity and purpose."  Every purchase "provides life-changing employment in areas that lack resources."

Vickery Trading Co.

Their mission is "to equip refugee women for long-term success through vocational training, personal development and fair wages."  They offer employment and hope to refugee women in the Dallas area through their clothing company.

Women of Hope

"Women of Hope was created to disciple women of Guatemala and help them rise above the challenges of poverty, illiteracy and a culture of abuse and oppression.  Many of the indigenous are talented artisans, but lack access to where their products can be sold. Women of Hope gives them a safe haven where they can use their talents to earn a fair wage, and a loving Christian setting where they can participate in weekly Bible studies and devotions."


WorldCrafts "develops sustainable, fair-trade businesses among impoverished people around the world." Their vision is "to offer an income with dignity and the hope of everlasting life to every person on earth."


They partner with  beekeepers and farmers in Zambia to craft organic, fair trade body care products.

Fair Trade Church Shopping Guide: Mission-based and fair trade products for church, including Christmas, Easter, church decor, nursery, youth group, children's programs and more church products that give back to change lives around the world.
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