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Rate the Ethics Behind Your Favorite Brands!

Wondering just how ethical your favorite brands are?  Click on the links below for some great ethical brand rating resources I have found!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​To RESEARCH the ethics behind the brands you buy,

check out these links:

​Ethical Consumer:

Ethical Buyer Guide (everything from computers to diapers!​​)


Detailed sustainability grades for many major brands & categories

​Good on You App:

Ethical Ratings on Fashion


Explore the Ethics Behind 400 Fashion Brands​

Done Good:

A free, downloadable browser extension which helps you shop responsibly online

(Note: This one also has political alerts, but you can turn them off.)


A smartphone app that lets you scan products to check out the ethics behind them

(Note: This app is also very politically-based, but does let you choose which issues you care about.)

Fair Labor Association:

Participating Companies

B Certified Corporations

Slave Free Chocolate:

"Ethical Chocolate Companies"

​Fair Trade Resource Network:

"Identifying Fair Trade Products"

Baptist World Aid's Behind the Barcode:

 2016 Ratings on Major Electronics Brands

​Baptist World Aid's Behind the Barcode:

2017 Ratings on Major Apparel Brands

Fashion Revolution:

Fashion Transparency Index 2018 (Covers 150 brands!)

Sustainable Brands:

​"5 Questions to Ask to See If an ‘Ethical’ Fashion Brand Is Legit"

Follow the Things:

Another Kind of Shopping

Better World Shopper

To RATE THE BRANDS Yourself, check out:

Green Stars Project:

​"User-Generated Ratings for Ethical Consumerism"