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Scrunchies that Give Back

Buy a Scrunchy: Change a Life

(NOTE: If you buy through some of these links, a small amount may back to help support our mission.)

I collect scrunchies.  And no wonder, since this picture illustrates the usual state of my curly, frizzy hair! 

But my scrunchy collection has taken on a whole new meaning since starting Change the World by How You Shop.  Whenever I shop from the many world changing shops I have found, one of the most likely additions to my cart, guessed it...a new scrunchy.  I now own a whole array of unique scrunchies ranging from colorful crocheted ones from Guatemala to fair trade scrunchies created out of upcycled flour sacks.

Vi Bella Scrunchies Velvet2.jpg

Velvet scrunchies from

Vi Bella Jewelry

My frizzy hair1.jpg

I love all my handcrafted scrunchies, because scrunchies are now about more than just keeping my hair out of my face.  Every scrunchy purchase I have made has played a small part in changing a life.  And when I do my hair, I am reminded to pray for the person who made my hair accessory.

But my favorite scrunchies are from Vi Bella.  I own almost their entire collection from the velvet scrunchies above to these incredibly soft ones from The Lemonade Boutique.  Vi Bella's artisans in Haiti have faced so many obstacles including earthquakes, disabilities, and grinding poverty. But now they are able to support their families by making amazing handcrafted goods like these. 

Vi Bella Scrunchies from The Lemonade Boutique.

Vi Bella scrunchies from

The Lemonade Boutique

Who would have imagined you could change a life just by buying a scrunchy?  Check out Vi Bella scrunchies for yourself, or visit our guide Hair Accessories that Give Back for barrettes, headbands and more.

Vi Bella Scrunchies Ad.jpg
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