Change the World by How You Shop Logo: The U.S. Ethical Shopping Guide

Second Hand Shopping

Shopping second hand can also help change the world.  Buying second hand prevents more products from being mass-produced in sweatshops.  Buying second hand also helps the environment by keeping unwanted products out of landfills.  Plus, many second hand stores also raise money for charities.  Since I cannot always find (or afford!) ethically made products, I frequently rely on second hand purchases.  Read below for tips on getting started!

​​​​​​​​​1.    Do a google search or ask friends and family for recommendations on

       local thrift stores.  Bonus if you find one that raises money for a cause 

       you believe in!

2.    For higher end used clothing, find a local clothing swap (or start

       one!), try a consignment shop or check out Silkroll.

3.    Shop an online thrift store, such as ThredUP.

4.    If you have kids, find someone to pass on outgrown clothes to, and find

       someone to do the same for your kids.  (With six growing children, I am

       not sure what I would do without hand-me-downs!)

​5.    Use an online service like Offer Up to find people selling their used

       furniture, electronics and more in your area.

6.    For used books, games and DVDs try Half Price Books (or, if you are lucky

       enough to have one in your hometown like me, go check it out!)

7.   Try garage sales.  If you have the time on a sunny weekend, you can find

      lots of great deals and meet people in your community :)

8.  Go "dumpster diving."  Someone else's trash may be your treasure! Keep an 
     eye out in your neighborhood for free stuff on the curb or use sites like 
     Trash Nothing and Freecycle

Change the World by how you Shop