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Small Things: Big Impact

Change the World by How You Shop


Want to make a difference, but feeling overwhelmed?  Here are five simple ways you can have a big impact:


​Like and follow a brand or shop that is making a difference. Then share them on social media so others can find them.


Leave an online review for a fair trade or ethical product you have bought and loved.


Give someone an ethical gift along with a card or flyer telling about the artisan and/or shop.  Not only will your purchase help support the ethical shop and artisan, but the recipient of your gift may consider shopping for similar items in the future. (Note: A gift certificate to a brand that gives back can accomplish the same goal.)


Write a letter to a brand you normally buy from. Ask if their products, materials or ingredients are ethically produced. Hopefully, their answer will be “yes”! If not, they will realize they have customers who care about their supply chain.

For more easy ways to make a difference, check out the links below:
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Azizi Life

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Ethical Aspirations: 3 Ways Small Steps Create Big Change." by Julie Godshall on Flourish by Noonday.

Flourish by Noonday

"Ethical Aspirations: 3 Ways Small Steps Create Big Change"

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Support a local business selling fair trade products.

Ethical Shopping Pyramid from Amma's Umma.

Amma's Umma

Ethical Shopping Pyramid - Ethical Shopping Made Simple.

Dunitz Making Changes for a Better Plane

Dunitz Jewelry

"Making Changes for a Better Plant"--Small, easy ways to be eco-friendly.

A Beginner's Guide to Ethical Shopping: How to Shop for Ethical & Fair Trade Products.
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