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Affordable Ethical Kids Clothes

Top 5 Budget-Friendly Ethical & Fair Trade​ Kids Fashion Brands


Want to buy ethically-made and fair trade clothes for your kids, but not sure how to fit them into your budget?  With six children of my own, I understand the struggle very well.  I buy the bulk of my kids clothes from consignment shops and thrift stores, but when I want to get them something new, below I share my top six go-to shops to look for affordable, yet ethical kids fashion.

(NOTES: If you buy through some of these links, a small amount may come back to help support our mission.)

Hope Outfitters

(Christian-themed, ethically-made kids apparel and 100% of the profits give back to charities.  Follow them to hear about sales.) 

Vickery Trading Company

(Beautiful kids clothes, handmade in the USA by refugee women.  They frequently have last season's clothes on sale.) 



(Eco-friendly, fair trade t-shirts, sweatshirts and pullovers for youth and kids that give back to The Global Orphan Project.)

Tea Collection

(Ethical fashion for babies and kids, up through size 16. Sign up for their email to learn about their frequent sales.

Pact Apparel

(Organic, fair trade basics for toddlers.  Join their e-mail list to keep up on the latest discount sales.)

Top 5 Affordable Ethical Kids Fashion Brands.
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