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When Shopping Ethically Is Difficult

Yes, sometimes ethical shopping gets hard.  But, then again, is it really so difficult?  Because I think of the other gift my four-year-old will be opening tonight.  A coloring book of Haiti (from Mountain Maid) which depicts what life is like in that country. (I do not have to first grind the wheat to make the flour to make the cake!)  And an adorable travel crayon holder (from Amani Ya Juu), sewn by women who have found peace out of the pain of their past. 

And so, I find myself sitting here crocheting, finishing making her the doll using a pattern from Etsy.  It has been a lot of work, but I know she will love it.  Yesterday, I baked her cake from scratch, using fair trade ingredients, because I am unsure of the ethics behind some of the cake mix ingredients.  Tonight she will blow out the same candles that have been used on multiple birthdays: washed and reused because I cannot find a good ethical source for birthday candles!

Today is my little girl's fourth birthday.  And I am sitting here crocheting and thinking.  Some days being an ethical shopper is difficult!  The top item on her wishlist this year was a Doc McStuffins doll.  But, after all the research I have done on toy sweatshops, I could not bring myself to just walk into a store and buy one!

Come to think of it, ethical shopping really is just an inconvenience sometimes.  But well worth the extra work as I touch each product I buy which is changing the life of the person who created something beautiful for me to enjoy!  And, in the end, perhaps I am the one who changes most as I learn to be ever so much grateful for everything I have!