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Ethical Women's Fashion

Pajamas & Loungewear

Below are links to help you find where to shop for ethically-made, fair trade and made in USA women's pajamas, robes, slippers and loungewear (See bottom of page for ethical lingerie brands.)

(NOTES: Prices and availability may change without notice.  If you buy through some of these links, a small amount will come back to help support our mission.)


For more ethical and fair trade pajamas, lingerie, underwear, bras and socks, check out:

Rahab's Rope

(Fair trade pajamas)


(Bras, lingerie and underwear made in ethical factories.)


(Beautiful artisan hand-printed pajamas and robes bringing hope to street children in Calcutta.)

Hotmilk Lingerie

(Maternity bras and panties, made in ethical factories--they also are great for plus-sizes.)​


(Organic fair trade socks, underwear, pajamas)

Maggie's Organics

(Fair trade socks)


(Ethically-made pajamas)

Third Love

(Ethical bras, underwear)

Miscoots Outfitters

(Made in USA socks which give back and employ the homeless!)

Made Trade

(They carry a large selection of ethically-made women's pajamas and lingerie.)


(Women's robes and pajamas, sustainably made in the USA.)​


(Sustainably-made cashmere robes and lounge wear.)​

Amour Vert

(Ethically-made robes and lounge wear.)​

Soul Flower

(Ethically-made, organic sports bras and bralettes.)

Global Girlfriend

(Fair trade pajama pants and lounge pants.)

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