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Ethical & Fair Trade Backpacks

Backpacks that Give Back

Some backpack companies have been the subject of protests on college campuses because of their use of sweatshops.  But below find where to buy ethically-made, sweatshop-free and fair trade backpacks, which are not only made in safe conditions for a livable wage, but are sold by brands give back to change lives around the world.  Also find where to buy fun bag clips and accessories to go with your backpack.

(NOTES: Prices and availability may change without notice.  If you buy through some of these links, a small amount will come back to help support our mission.)


For more places to find ethically-made backpacks, also check out:


(Our favorite ethically-made backpacks, which come with a lifetime warranty and are sewn in their factory in war-torn northern Uganda, providing jobs and a new life to women who survived the war.)

Shop With a Mission

(Beautiful selection of handcrafted fair trade backpacks for men, women and teens.)


(Backpacks "made in freedom.")


Gift of Hope Haiti

(Beautiful women's vegan leather backpacks, made from upcycled materials which support job creation and orphan prevention.)


Beza Threads

(Gorgeous women's leather backpacks, handcrafted in Ethiopia by trafficking survivors.)

​Atitlan Leather

(Stylish leather backpacks and travel bags handcrafted by artisans living on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.)

Trades of Hope

(High quality fair trade backpacks for women and fun animal backpacks for kids.)

Hands Producing Hope

(Cute ethically-made backpacks for kids.)

Amani Ya Juu

(Adorable animal-themed fair trade African backpacks for kids.)

Day Owl

(High-quality, sustainably-made backpacks for men and women.)


(Cute fair trade backpacks for women and girls.)

Rafiki Foundation

(Colorful school backpacks, handmade by widows in Africa.)

The Root Collective

(High quality, ethically-made backpacks, crafted out of responsibly-sourced leather by artisans in Guatemala.)

Ten Thousand Villages

(Artisan-made fair trade backpacks.)


(UK brand offering ethical, vegan sustainable backpacks .)

Smateria/HHP Lift

(Ethically-made social impact backpacks for adults and kids.)


(Colorful school backpacks for kids, made in the USA.)

Red Oxx

(Durable school backpacks made in Montana, designed to last from K - 12!)

Terra Thread

(Ethical and sustainable backpacks which also give back.)


(Fair trade backpacks.)


(Children's backpacks that give back.)

Parker Clay

(Ethically-sourced leather backpacks for men and women, made in Ethiopia.)


(High quality, water resistant backpacks, designed to hold both camera and laptop.)

United by Blue

(Eco-friendly outdoor/travel backpacks)

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