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Direct Trade & Fair Trade Chocolate

Ethical Chocolate Brands


Everyone's favorite indulgence.  But would it still taste quite so delicious, if you knew the cacao beans used in your favorite chocolate bar were harvested using forced child labor? As a chocoholic myself, the documentaries I watched on this subject certainly turned my world upside down!  But, the good news is there are many ethical chocolate options. Discover some of my favorite direct trade and fair trade chocolate brands below, which are not only ethical, but are also changing the lives of the farmers who grow their cacao beans.


For shopping lists of ethical chocolate brands to look for (or ask your local grocery store to carry), see below:

Slave Free Chocolate: Ethical Chocolate Brands List

Food Empowerment Project's Chocolate List

Green America's Chocolate Scorecard

Here are some of my favorite ethical chocolate brands (I usually find them in the natural food/organic aisles):

Divine Chocolate

(Their fair trade dark chocolate caramel bar is the best.)

Endangered Species Chocolate

(My staple is their 88% dark chocolate bar.)

OCHO Candy

(Organic, fair trade chocolate bars which my whole family is hooked on.)

Justin's Peanut Butter Cups

(My kids love these!)

Theo Chocolate

(Made in Seattle, fair trade, gives back and comes in delicious flavors.)

Marich Pancrafted Chocolates

(Delectable fair trade chocolate creations. I especially love their chocolate covered espresso beans and cherries.)

Skinny Dipped Almonds

(Made using ethically-sourced cocoa and perfect for the guilt-free chocolate treat.)

Tony's Chocolony

(Addicting chocolate with a mission to end child slavery.)

Equal Exchange

(Fair trade chocolate bars, cocoa and chocolate chips, grown by small farmer coops.  My kids love their mini bars.)


(Premium bean to bar organic chocolate from Ecuador.)

To learn more about the stories behind the chocolate we buy, follow these links:


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Askinosie Chocolage:

"What is Direct Trade?

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