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Zambeezi: Fair Trade Organic Beeswax Lip Balm

Ethical Beauty & Body Care

Body Care Products that Give Back

Below find where to shop for organic, ethical, cruelty-free and fair trade essential oils, soaps, lotions, body crème, compact mirrors, lip balm, shampoo, hand sanitizer, cosmetic bags and more, sold by brands which give back to change lives around the world.

(NOTES: Prices and availability may change without notice.  If you buy through some of these links, a small amount will come back to help support our mission.)

Freedom Studio's Simply Perfect Sunday Bath & Body Co. Made by survivors of human trafficking.


For more ethically-made body care products, check out the following: 


(Our favorite scented fair trade, organic, cruelty-free soap, lip balm and body balm which supports bee farmers in Zambia.)

Freedom Studios

(Made in USA scented spa candles, bath bombs, lotions, hand soap and more body care products  which "bring meaningful employment to survivors of human trafficking.”)

Global Hues Market

(A great selection of ethically-made body care products that give back, including scrubs, bath bombs, lip balms and more.)

The Lemonade Boutique

(Ethical body care products that give back, including spa candles, body soaks and soaps.)

Amaka Africa

(Scented soaps, handcrafted by refugees.)

Hopes Unlimited

(Fair trade natural loofahs, soaps, soap dishes and soap bags, providing jobs for artisans in India.)

Project Lydia

(Fair trade lip balm, shea butter and soaps)

Hands Producing Hope

(Organic Deodorants)

Still Being Molly Blog

("The Best Natural & Nontoxic Deodorants")

Redemption Market

(Ethically-made hairbrushes, toothbrushes, perfume, lip balm and more.)


(Cruelty-free makeup that supports foster care.)

Amani Ya Juu

(Beautiful fair trade cosmetic bags in African designs.)

Still Being Molly Blog

("3 Natural & Nontoxic Perfume Brands I Love")

700 Rivers

(Soaps made by women who have escaped human trafficking.)

Re:new Project

(Eye pillows hand made in the USA by refugee women.)

Primally Pure

(Clean beauty products, deodorant, shampoo and more.)

Petite Palm

(Essential oils which create opportunities for women in Haiti to thrive.)

Bought Beautifully

(Ethically-made bath and beauty products that give back, including sleep masks, men's soaps, bath bombs, room spray and more.)

Little by Little

(Essential oil jewelry that supports orphan prevention efforts in Haiti.)

Meet Palestine

(Dead Sea bath and body care products which are creating income for Palestinians.)

Hand In Hand Soap

("For every bar of soap purchased, one bar of soap + one month of clean water is donated to a child in Haiti.")

Still Being Molly

(Ethical brand directory: Beauty & Skincare)

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