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Below find links to shop for fair trade and ethically-made essential oils, soap, lotion, body creme, compact mirrors, cosmetic bags and more.

(NOTES: Prices and availability may change without notice.  If you buy through some of these links, a small amount will come back to help support our mission.)

Zambeezi Organic Beeswax Lip Balm. Fair Trade.

They partner with  beekeepers and farmers in Zambia to craft organic, fair trade body care products. They offer organic beeswax lip balm and scented soap bars.

Prices: $6 - $12

Elisha C essential oils.  Ethically made in Haiti.
Elisha C.

Works with Haitians "to end poverty through job creation, education and empowerment." They offer natural, organic beauty products​, handmade in Haiti, including essential oils, soaps, body scrubs and travel toiletry sets.

Prices: $10 - $27

Shop With a Mission fair trade soap set.  All natural and handmade by Dalit women in India.
Shop With a Mission

On a mission “to equip and assist people in developing countries to break the cycle of poverty through their handiwork & creativity." They sell fair trade soap, and also beautiful handcrafted cosmetic cases and compact mirrors.

Prices: $8 - $16

Little by Little essential oil diffuser bracelet.  Just put a few drops on the felt balls!
Little by Little

Helps keep children in Haiti out of orphanages by employing parents who are on the verge of giving their children up due extreme poverty. They sell essential oil diffuser jewelry. and also diffuser key chains.

Prices: CA $12 - $45

Noonday Sweet Dreams Face Mask.

They "design and sell an inspired collection of
jewelry and accessories made by Artisans across the globe."  Get a good night's sleep with their "Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask" and they also offer handcrafted makeup bags.

Prices: $28

Fair Tribe Lemon Handmade Soap fro Mat Boomie.  Fair Trade Soap.
Fair Tribe

"Buy cool stuff, help real people." They sell handcrafted, fair trade soaps and soap dishes.

Prices: $7 - $24

Amani Ya Juu cosmetic bag. Fair trade and handmade in Africa.
Amani Ya Juu

"A social economic enterprise committed to peace and reconciliation for African women."  They sell fair trade cosmetic bags, beautifully handmade out of local African materials. 

Prices: $10 - $36

2nd Story Goods burlap makeup bag. Handmade in Haiti.
2nd Story Goods

Works in a small town in Haiti to provide much needed jobs and hope to their community. They sell makeup pouches and wristlets.​

Prices: $15 - $24

Bought Beautifully Sisterhood soap. Hand-milled by refugee women in Iraq.
Bought Beautifully

“Purchase a product--transform a life.” They offer soaps for men and women, hand-milled by refugees in Iraq.

Prices: $10

Haiti Design Co toiletry cases. Ethically made in Haiti.
Haiti Design Co

Works in Haiti to develop "craftsmen and leaders that are able to use their skills to provide for their families." They sell toiletry cases, ethically made in Haiti.

Prices: $12 - $28

Fairly Southern "Why I Switched to Clean Beauty Products." Blog post.
Fairly Southern

Also check out this blog post from Fairly Southern:

"Why I Switched to Clean Beauty Products."

Shopping Guide to Ethically-Made Body Care products.
Still Looking?

Scroll down for more links to ethical body care brands.

Rethreaded Natural Moisturizer.

Their mission is "to renew hope, reignite dreams and release potential for survivors of human trafficking locally and globally through business." They offer body care products that give back, including moisturizers, soap and cleansers.

Prices: $8 - $88

Ten Thousand Villages Shaving Kit. Fair Trade.
Ten Thousand Villages

"The original fair trader," started in 1946! They sell lots of fair trade body care products, including shaving kits, spa kits, essential oils, scented soaps and body cream. 

Prices: $6 - $60

World Crafts cosmetic bag. Fair Trade.

WorldCrafts "develops sustainable, fair-trade businesses among impoverished people around the world." They offer fair trade make up bags.

Price: $20 - $28

Village Country Store body care. Fair trade lavender shea soap.
The Village Country Store

Fair trade and fairly made goods. They offer fair trade shea soap as well as a collection of sustainable cosmetic cases

(Use the code: ShopWithLeeAnne for 10% off your entire order!)

Prices: $6 -$25

Sari Bari Mota makeup bag.
Sari Bari

"Recycled saris are re-imagined and hand-stitched in the kantha style by a woman impacted by human trafficking and the commercial sex trade." They sell colorful makeup bags created out of upcycled saris.​

Prices: $18 - $23

Papillon essential oil diffuser bracelet. Handmade in Haiti.

"Creating jobs for mothers & fathers who don’t want to have to abandon their children to an orphanage because they can’t feed them."  They sell essential oil diffuser jewelry, handmade in Haiti.

Price: $7 - $24

Sewing God's Seeds mini bar soaps. Fair trade.
Sewing God's Seeds

"Empowering and supporting artisans and missionaries."  They offer scented fair trade soaps and also cosmetic bags.

Prices: $5 - $26

Education and More fair trade cosmetic bag. Upcycled and eco-friendly.
Education and More

"Strives to reduce poverty in Guatemala by providing educational opportunities for students of all ages." They sell upcycled, eco-friendly. fair trade cosmetic bags.​

Prices: $30

Lazarus Artisan Goods San Marcos Dopp Kit.
Lazarus Artisan Goods

“Exists to empower local Hondurans and Haitians." They offer high quality leather dopp kits, crafted with intention in Haiti.

Prices: $40 - $68

Redemption Market

To find lots more ethical beauty product brands, check out this awesome guide from the Redemption Market blog:

Ethical Beauty Guide 2019

Natural and Nontoxic Deodorants Still Being Molly Blog.
Still Being Molly

For deodorant, check out this blog post, also from Still Being Molly:


"The Best of Natural & Nontoxic Deodorants."

Women's Fashion Free Pixabay Graphic.png
Women's Fashion

For more women's fashion categories, check out our page:

Ethical Women's Fashion

Give a Damn Goods hand lotion from Thistle Farms.
Give a Damn Goods

“Focuses on affordable goods that make a difference.” They offer lotions, shave gel, hand soap, body wash, and more, made in the USA at Thistle Farms, where women are finding healing from the pain of their troubled pasts.

Prices: $6 - $22

Trades of Hope Body Care Set from Thistle Farms.
Trades of Hope

Sells products made by women whose "story has changed from pain and struggle to a story of hope!" They offer body care gift sets.

Prices: $35

Elegance Restored essential oil bags. Ethically handmade.
Elegance Restored

Creating a "market for beautiful, fairly made goods." They sell beautiful, handmade essential oil bags, key chains and cases in multiple colors.

Prices: $12 - $24

Serrv essential oils relaxation blend. Fair trade and made in India.

"A nonprofit, fair trade organization dedicated to lifting disadvantaged artisans, farmers, and their families out of poverty." They sell all-natural fair trade soaps and essential oils also toiletry bags.

Prices: $4 - $24

Atonement Design Natural Bath Salts.
Atonement Design

"Ethically made items that clothe you in style and virtue." They offer natural bath salts, made in the USA.

Prices: $7

Renew Project Dopp Kit. Made in USA from upcycled materials by refugees.
Re:new Project

""Provides employment and community for refugee women who have resettled in the USA." They offer high-quality carry-all make up bags and dopp kits, made in the USA from upcycled materials.

Prices: $22 - $50

The Sparrow Studio Essential Oils Travel Case.
The Sparrow Studio

Their "primary goal is to create a fair trade marketplace for handmade home decor and jewelry." They sell essential oil travel cases & make up bags as well as soaps.

Prices: $2 - $34

Freedom's Promise cosmetic bag. Fair trade and eco-friendly.  Made from recycled rice bags.
Freedom's Promise

"A faith-based, nonprofit organization that partners with indigenous Cambodian groups to prevent human trafficking and child exploitation by transforming communities." They sell eco-friendly, water resistant, fair trade toiletry travel bags.

Prices: $12

Partners for Just Trade fair trade ginkgo cosmetic bags.
Partners for Just Trade

“Building global partnerships through a just marketplace.”  They sell fair trade cosmetic bags and cases.

Prices: $16 - $27

Still Being Molly Natural & Natural Nontoxic Perfume Brands I Love.
Still Being Molly

For perfumes, check out this blog post from Still Being Molly:

"3 Natural & Nontoxic Perfume Brands I Love."

Bathtub Free Pixabay Graphic.png

For more ethically-made body care products, cosmetic organizers and similar products, check out our page:

Ethical Bathroom Decor

Shopping Guide Graphic.jpg
Shopping Guide

Return to our


Ethical Shopping Guide


for lots more shopping categories.


For more ethically-made body care products, check out the following: 

Project Lydia

(Fair trade lip balm, shea butter and soaps)

Go Fish Clothing & Jewelry Co.​

(Scented and handmade soaps.)

Savvy Boheme

(Ethically-made deodorant, lip balm and more that gives back.)

Love Justly

(Bath bombs, soaps and more, ethically-made in the US.)

Redemption Market

(Ethically-made hairbrushes, toothbrushes, perfume, lip balm and more.)


(Cruelty-free makeup that supports foster care.)

The Zambian Soap Company

(Fair trade, organic, cruelty-free soap made in Zambia)


Preemptive Love Coalition

(Refugee-made soaps.)

Primally Pure

(Clean beauty products, deodorant, shampoo and more.)

Pachamama Market

(Body care products for men and women.)

Global Girlfriend

(Fair trade soaps and lip balm.)

Hand In Hand Soap

("For every bar of soap purchased, one bar of soap + one month of clean water is donated to a child in Haiti.")

700 Rivers

(Soaps made by women who have escaped human trafficking.)

High Point Supply Co.

(Soap, toothbrushes and lotion which gives back.)

Origins of Beauty

(Ethical, organic, vegan and cruelty free skincare, make up, nail varnish and more!)

Still Being Molly

(Ethical brand directory: Beauty & Skincare)

The Ecological Blog:

"Best Ethical Beauty Products of 2018"

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