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Ethical/Fair Trade Craft Supplies

Yarn, Beads, Fabrics & More


Do you enjoy crafts but struggle finding ethically-made craft supplies?  As a crafter myself, I know it can be difficult to trace where your craft supplies come from.  Below find craft materials like fair trade yarn, craft scissors and handmade beads which you can trace right to the source and know your purchase is supporting a good cause.

(NOTES: Prices and availability may change without notice.  If you buy through some of these links, a small amount will come back to help support our mission.)


Below are yet more places to find ethically-made crafts supplies: 

Little Cocalico

(Custom-printed ethical & sustainable fabrics.)

Waymaker Fabrics

(100% American-made digital print fabrics.  Custom prints also available.)

Still Being Molly:

Ethical Brand Directory: Crafts & DIY Supplies

Huston Textile Co.

(Selvage fabric, woven in California using vintage techniques and sustainably grown fibers.)

Cloud9 Fabrics

(Ethically-made fabrics from 100% organic cotton.)


(Art sketchbooks that give back.)


(Eco-friendly, custom printed fabrics.)

Darn Good Yarn

(Ethically-sourced yarn and knitting and crocheting kits and supplies.)

Fancifuls Inc.

(Made in USA brass charms, embellishments, findings and more for creating your own jewelry.)

Silk Road Fabrics

(Ethically-traded fabrics and yarns.)

Yana Dee

(Fabric yarn, made from organic cotton.)

Half Moon Atalier

(Blog post with an ultimate list of where to find organic and sustainable fabrics online.)

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