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Ethical & Fair Trade Shoes & Socks

Footwear that Gives Back

Unfortunately, some of the major U.S. shoe manufacturers have had a long history of issues with child labor and low wages in their factories.  But below discover where you can find ethically-made shoes, fair trade socks and handmade slippers from brands that are truly providing good and meaningful jobs to the workers who make them.

(NOTES: Prices and availability may change without notice.  If you buy through some of these links, a small amount will come back to help support our mission.)



For more ethically-made shoes and socks, also check out:

Cobian Footwear,

(Beach sandals for the whole family.)

Kingdom of Wow

(Eco-friendly slippers and slip-ons, ethically-made in Cambodia.)


(Flip Flops, handmade in Brazil, that give back to fight hunger.)

Made Trade

(They carry a large selection of ethically-made shoes, sandals and slippers for men and women.)​

Toad & Co.

(Athletic sneakers for men and women.)

Hippy Feet

(Socks providing employment for homeless youth.)


(Fair Trade shoes, boots and sneakers for men and women.)

Tread by Everlane

(Eco-friendly training sneakers for men and women.)


(Fun boots, high-tops and slip-ons for men and women!)


(Ethically-made shoes for men and women.)

Jax & Bard

(Ethically-made women's shoes that give back.)


(Ethically-made wool slip on sneakers for men, women and kids.)

Kallie & Co

(Vegan, fair trade flats for women.)


(Flip flops and sandals for men and women, made in the USA.)

Matt & Nat

(Ethically-made, vegan dress shoes, boots and sneakers for men and women.)


(Organic, fair trade, vegan sneakers from Australia, for men, women and kids.)


(Sneakers, boots and shoes for the whole family from the UK)


(Sandals, flip-flops and slippers for men and women)

Miscoots Outfitters

(Made in USA socks for men, women and kids that give back and employ the homeless!)


(Organic, fair trade socks for men, women and babies)

Maggie's Organics

(Fair trade socks)


(Buy-One-Give-One socks for men, women and children.)


(Sustainably made in the U.S.A. socks for men and women.)

PAWJ California

(Vegan boots for men and women)

Fortress of Inca

(Handmade shoes, flats, heels, boots, booties and heels for women.)

Still Being Molly: Ethical Brand Directory - Shoes

Eco Warrior Princess Blog:

"Where to Find High-Performance Ethical and Eco-Friendly Running Shoes and Cross Trainers"

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