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Where does your jewelry come from?  Ethically-sourced jewelry is not always easy to find.  Reports of forced and dangerous child labor abound in the mining, cutting and polishing of precious metals and gems in many countries.  But the fair trade and ethically-made jewelry you will find below was ​handcrafted with love, changing lives around the world.

(NOTES: Prices and availability may change without notice.  If you buy through some of these links, a small amount will come back to help support our mission.)

SojournStudio Bay earrings handmade in Thailand.
Sojourn Studio

A social enterprise of Global Child Advocates, which allows young women on the Thai-Myanmar border "to earn extra income while discovering their immense value." Check out their gorgeous jewelry collection.​

Prices: $14 - $28

Starfish Project Jewelry. Made in freedom by women who are longer under the exploitation of the sex industry. https://starfishproject.com
Starfish Project

"Restores hope to women escaping human trafficking and exploitation in Asia." Buy their incredible jewelry and help bring hope and a new life to these women! (I absolutely love my Starfish Project bracelet!)

Prices: $19 - $116

Haiti's Jewels blue drop earrings. Made by Haitian artisans. http://haitisjewels.com/shop
Haiti's Jewels

"Partnering with Haitian artisans to create life-changing beauty." They sell beautiful jewelry, created in Haiti.

Prices: $10 - $35

HUGG Mission Market filgeree jewelry handmade in Haiti. https://huggmissionmarket.org/collections/all-jewelry
HUGG Mission Market

Provides a "hand up" instead of a "hand out" to young men transitioning out of orphanages in Haiti. Check out their amazing handcrafted jewelry.

Prices: $5 - $45

Simple Switch Coiled Wire Earrings.
Simple Switch

They believe "it should be EASY to make a positive global impact with your every day purchases and gifts."   They offer a large selection of handcrafted jewelry that gives back.

Price: $6 - $120

MudLOVE inspirational bracelets. Made in the USA and give back to provide one week of clean water to someone in need through Water for Good. https://www.mudlove.com/collections/all-bands

Handcrafted jewelry, made in the USA, which gives back one week of clean water  through Water for Good. They sell inspirational bracelets or custom design your own.

Prices: $10 - $16

Bought Beautifully drop earrings.jpg
Bought Beautifully

“Purchase a product--transform a life.”  They sell a beautiful collection of handmade jewelry with an impact.

Prices: $7 - $90

Nightlight Design Rose Petal Drop Earrin
Nightlight Design

"Made in freedom" by women in Thailand discovering dignified employment through Nightlight International.  They sell   amazing bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

(My sister loved the rose petal tango earrings I bought her!)

Prices: $4 - $95

White Rainbow Project passion glass bead bracelet.  Made by widows in India. https://www.etsy.com/shop/WhiteRainbowProject
White Rainbow Project

“Handmade, Fair Trade goods empowering widows in India.” They sell beautiful fair trade jewelry, which is "deconstructing the stigma of widowhood."

Prices: $10 - $40

Papillon Enterprise Be The Change Earrings. Ethically handmade in Haiti. #bethechange https://papillonmarketplace.com/collections/jewelry-all/womens

"Creating jobs for mothers & fathers who don’t want to have to abandon their children to an orphanage." They sell beautiful fair trade necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

Prices: $7 - $68

GIfts with a Cause India Metal Cuff Braceclet. Fair Trade. https://www.giftswithacause.com/Fair-Trade-Jewelry-s/1818.htm
Gifts With a Cause

Their mission is "to provide sustainable income to artisans in developing countries."  They sell a whole collection of fair trade rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Each product comes with the artisan's picture and story.

Prices: $4 - $56

Purpose Jewelry Goldie Ring. "Wear Freedom". Handmade by survivors of human trafficking. https://www.purposejewelry.org/
Purpose Jewelry

"Beautifully crafted by young women rescued from human trafficking."  Join others and "wear freedom" with their amazing jewelry collection.

Prices: $20 - $81

2nd Story Goods bead wrap bracelet. Handmade in Haiti. https://www.2ndstorygoods.com/collections/all-the-goods/jewelry
2nd Story Goods

Works in a small town in Haiti to provide much needed jobs and hope to their community. They offer beautiful ethically-made necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Prices: $3 - $40

Amma's Umma Pearl Necklace. Ethically-made. https://ammasumma.com/collections/jewelry
Amma's Umma

"An ethical boutique that gives back to adoptions." They offer an awesome selection of ethically-made jewelry, including bracelets, necklaces rings and earrings.

Prices: $18 - $94

Eternal Threads Recycled Glass Painted Art Bead Bracelets Fair Trade. https://eternalthreads.org/product-category/jewelry/
Eternal Threads

“'Weaving hope and justice' to improve the lives of women and children who are at risk from extreme poverty and trafficking."  They have a wide selection of fair trade bracelets, necklaces and earrings for women and girls, each with a story to tell.

Price: $2 - $42

Petite Palm feather earrings. Handmade in Haiti. https://www.petitepalm.org/shop
Petite Palm

Their "one-of-a-kind goods craft opportunity for women to thrive."  They sell beautiful beaded bracelets and feather earrings, handmade with love in Haiti.

Prices: $8 - $12

Rafiki Foundation 13 Strand Earrings.
Rafiki Foundation

"Every purchase goes to support widows in Africa." They sell a beautiful array of handmade jewelry.

Prices: $1 - $45

139Made Esther earrings. Ethically made earrings inspired by Scripture, which give back to fight human trafficking. https://www.139made.com/collections/jewelry

"Creative Christian apparel & lifestyle products." 10% of sales go to fight human trafficking. They sell ethically-made jewelry inspired by Scripture, with deep meaning behind each piece.

Prices: $15 - $28

Haiti Design Co Geo Shapes Necklace. Ethically handmade in Haiti. http://haitidesignco.org/shop/?category=Jewelry
Haiti Design Co

Works in Haiti to develop "craftsmen and leaders that are able to use their skills to provide for their families." They offer ethically-made Haitian jewelry.

Prices: $12 - $48

Azizi Life woven fair trade earrings from Rwanda. https://azizilife.com/products#jewelry
Azizi Life

“Partners with rural Rwandans to bring fair trade beauty to your life and theirs.” They sell fair trade woven bracelets and earrings.

Prices: $7 - $16

Sparrow Studio garden party necklace. Rolled paper beads. Ethically handmade. http://www.thesparrowstudio.com/necklaces/
The Sparrow Studio

Their "primary goal is to create a fair trade marketplace for handmade home decor and jewelry." They sell beautiful artisan-made necklaces and 

bracelets and earrings.

Prices: $8 - $52

Organic Tagua Jewelry Libby Necklace.
Organic Tagua Jewelry

Sustainable jewelry providing income for artisans in a small village in Ecuador. They offer colorful, organic, eco-friendly tagua jewelry.

Prices: $7 - $65

Adored Boutique silver ring. Ethically-made jewelry. https://www.adoredboutique.com/collections/accessories
Adored Boutique

Every customer can "celebrate the impact her purchase will make on another woman's life." They offer a unique collection of ethically made jewelry, including earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets.

Prices: $20 - $65

Rise and Empower bracelets. Ethically handmade in Haiti.
Rise & Empower

"Empowering women in Haiti through job creation, ethical fashion and thoughtful design." They offer classy bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

Prices: $10 - $30

Magnifying Glass free pixabay image.png
Still Looking?

If you still have not found that perfect jewelry piece you are looking for, scroll down to the bottom of the page for even more ethical jewelry brands making a difference in the world!​

Beljoy Buchele bracelet. Ethically made in Haiti. https://beljoyhaiti.com/collections/all

"Born out of a vision to give the people of Haiti opportunities to earn money through honest and dignified work."  Check out their unique handmade jewelry and their "Belbelle Kids" collection!

Prices: $12 - $82

The Lemonade Boutique Amun paper bead bracelet.
The Lemonade Boutique

Sells beautiful products made by women who "take life’s lemons and make lemonade."  They offer an amazing collection of life-changing jewelry.​

(Get 10% off with the code: Changetheworld.)

Prices: $12 - $68

Rethreaded Eternity Leather Bracelet.  Made out of recycled leather from reired airline seat covers, donated by Southwest Airlines and bringing freedom and purpose to human trafficking survivors.

Their mission is "to renew hope, reignite dreams and release potential for survivors of human trafficking locally and globally through business." They sell a meaningful collection of jewelry.

Prices: $12 - $84

Karama Collection hammered hoops earrings. Handmade in Kenya out of upcycled brass.
Karama Collection

"Karama alleviates poverty by restoring dignity through creative, purposeful work for artisans, beginning in Africa." They offer beautiful earrings, necklaces and bracelets, handmade in Kenya.

Prices: $16 - $85

Artruism Imports Pheonix Feather Earrings. Artisan Made.
Artruism Imports

Supporting artists around the world.  They sell beautiful artisan -made jewelry and carved wooden jewelry trays and jewelry boxes.

Prices: $15 - $30

Atonement Design Green Hex Earrings.  Handmade, fair trade and give back to fight human traffickng.
Atonement Design

"Ethically made items that clothe you in style and virtue." They sell a stylish collection of ethically-made and fair trade jewelry that gives back.

Prices: $24 - $74

The Village Country Store Silver Heart Earrings. Handmade and fair trade https://www.thevillagecountrystore.com/collections/jewelry
The Village Country Store

Fair trade and fairly made goods from around the globe. They offer a huge selection of global fair trade jewelry

(Use code: ShopWithLeeAnne for 10% off your entire order.)

Prices: $8 -$50

31 Bits jewelry. Ethically made. https://31bits.com/collections/jewelry
31 Bits

Sells products handmade by women rising out of poverty in Uganda and Indonesia. They offer beautiful jewelry, including rings, necklaces, bracelets and charms.

Prices: $12 - $84

Elisha C follow your heart aluminum band. Ethically handmade in Haiti. https://elishac.com/collections/jewelry
Elisha C.

Works with Haitians "to end poverty through job creation, education and empowerment."  She sells sustainable aluminum bracelets with inspiring messages.

Prices: $20

Amani Ya Juu Masaai Classic Bracelet. Fair Trade and handmade in Africa. https://amaniafrica.org/collections/jewelry
Amani Ya Juu

"A social economic enterprise committed to peace and reconciliation for African women."  They sell beautiful fair trade necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Prices: $12 - $76

Fair Tribe Vine Detail Bronze Cuff Bracelet.  Fair Trade.
Fair Tribe

"Buy cool stuff, help real people." They offer a beautiful selection of fair trade jewelry

Prices: $6 - $80

Eden Ministry Desert Rose Earrings. Made by women rescued from human trafficking. https://edenministry.org/
Eden Ministry

“Together with women rescued from human trafficking, we create jewelry that carries their stories.” They sell beautiful jewelry, which shines with the beauty of those stories!

Prices: $7 - $100

WorldCrafts Jordanian earrings. Fair tradeand and handmade in Jordan. https://www.worldcrafts.org/jewelry

WorldCrafts "develops sustainable, fair-trade businesses among impoverished people around the world." They offer very unique, fair trade women's bracelets, necklaces, earrings and pins.

Prices: $8 - $100

CrossTrade Spiral Drop Golden Grass Earrings. Fair Trade and artisan-made. https://www.crosstrade.org/collections/jewelry

"Built on the belief that giving job opportunities is the best way to provide HOPE for people in need."  They sell unique hand crafted, fair trade jewelry, artisan-made in Brazil from golden grass, acai seeds, buffalo horns, etched gourds and wood.

Prices: $10 - $49

Serrv Indian Amethyst Earrings. Fair Trade. https://www.serrv.org/category/jewelry

"A nonprofit, fair trade organization dedicated to lifting disadvantaged artisans, farmers, and their families out of poverty." They sell a large selection of fair trade jewelry from around the world.

Prices: $5 - $55

Education and more friendship bracelets stack.  Fair trade and give back to fund education in Guatemala. https://www.educationandmore.org/collections/bracelets-2-educate
Education and More

"Strives to reduce poverty in Guatemala by providing educational opportunities for students of all ages."  They offer fair trade friendship bracelets, which give back to educate disadvantaged children in Guatemala.

Prices: $2 - $27

Hands Producing Hope jewelry. Ethically handmade out of rolled paper. http://www.handsproducinghope.org/shop/?category=Bracelets
Hands Producing Hope

Works to provide “the economic, educational, and spiritual resources necessary to empower remote communities to rise above poverty." They offer handmade bracelets and 

necklaces, incredibly made from seeds and rolled paper.

Prices: $10 - $56

Purple Peacock Survivor Ring. Made by survivors of human trafficking.
The Purple Peacock

An online boutique that lets you "shop with purpose." They offer beautiful jewelry that gives back from around the world.

Prices: $6 - $48

Grain of Rice Project Triangular Earrings. Handmade in Kenya. https://grain-of-rice.myshopify.com/collections/jewelry
Grain of Rice Project

“A non-profit ministry, which empowers Kenyan people with the love of Christ by training and selling their handcrafted products.” They sell beautiful handmade jewelry.

Prices: $10 - $32

Freedom's Promise Silk Jewelry Roll. Fair Trade and handmade in Cambodia. https://www.freedomspromise.org/product/silk-jewelry-roll/
Freedom's Promise

"A faith-based, nonprofit organization that partners with indigenous Cambodian groups to prevent human trafficking and child exploitation by transforming communities." They sell gorgeous fair trade silk jewelry rolls.

Prices: $65

SoloHope Sky Eyelet Earrings.

They "seek to renew hope and empower individuals and communities through a mission-driven approach providing economic development, education and discipleship." They sell beautifully handcrafted jewelry.

Prices: $10 - $24

Little by Little essential oil diffuser bracelet, providing jobs in Haiti so parents do not have to give their children up to orphanages. http://www.littlebylittle.ca/store/c6/All_Jewellery.html
Little by Little

Helps keep children in Haiti out of orphanages by employing parents who are on the verge of giving their children up due extreme poverty. They sell essential oil diffuser jewelry.

Prices: $5 - $45

Sak Saum Rattan Earrings.
Sak Saum

"Sak Saum works to skill train & create jobs for vulnerable & exploited men & women in the district of Saang, Cambodia." They sell beautiful handmade jewelry.

Prices: $6 - $20

Lazarus Artisan Goods leather wrap bracelet. Ethically made in Haiti. https://lazarusartisangoods.com
Lazarus Artisan Goods

“Exists to empower local Hondurans and Haitians." They offer beautiful leather bracelets, intentionally made in Haiti.

Prices: $15 - $40

Mango + Main cailyn necklace. Fair trade jewelry. https://mangoandmain.com/collections/jewelry
Mango + Main

"On a mission to bring products from tropical lands where mangoes grow...to main street, USA!"  They offer a great collection of fair trade jewelry.

Prices: $12 - $40

Rahab's Rope Turquoise Stone Earrings.
Rahab's Rope

"Rahab's Rope exists to empower women and children in the fight against human trafficking." They sell beautiful, handmade bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces.

Prices: $8 - $49

Dunitz & Co. Fair Trade Wire Diamond Earrings
Dunitz & Company

They sell amazing, fair trade jewelry, handcrafted in Guatemala.

(Use the code: CHANGEWAY to get 10% off your purchase!)

Prices: $12 - $85

Amy's Women of Hope Guatemala earrings and beaded necklace.
Women of Hope

"Weaving together business and discipleship" for women in Guatemala. They offer a beautiful collection of beaded and handwoven jewelry.

Prices: $4 - $48

Sela Designs Kara Earrings that give back 100% of the profit to charity! Made in the USA out of ethically-sourced materials. https://www.seladesigns.com/
Sela Designs

Donates 100% of profits to charities believing that "together we can make a difference, one piece of jewelry at a time." They sell

eco-friendly, ethically sourced jewelry, made in the USA.

Prices: $16 - $65

Vi Bella Jewelry MIcah 6:8 Bracelet. Ethically handmade by Vi Bella artisans.
Vi Bella Jewelry

Their mission is "providing a path out of poverty" for their artisans. They offer a beautiful collection of jewelry, ethically handmade in Haiti and Mexico.

Prices: $9 - $58

Shop with a mission turtle earrings $6. Handmade and fair trade jewelry. https://shopwithamission.com/collections/jewelry
Shop With a Mission

On a mission “to equip and assist people in developing countries to break the cycle of poverty through their handiwork and creativity." 

They sell an amazing selection of unique, fair trade jewelry.

Prices: $5 - $120

Noonday earrings. Fair trade. https://www.juliegodshall.com/
Julie Godshall

She sells products from the Noonday Collection. They "design and sell an inspired collection of
jewelry and accessories made by Artisans across the globe." Check out their incredible collection of fair trade jewelry.

Prices: $16 - $125

Made Trade Geometric Circle Necklace Brass. Ethically-made Jewelry.
Made Trade

"Goods sourced ethically, traded fairly, and selected artfully.” They offer a large collection of ethically-made and stylish modern jewelry.

Prices: $24 - $165

Vida Plena Boardwalk Necklace. Handmade in the Dominican Republic.
Vida Plena

“Vida Plena exists to empower women in the Dominican Republic to break the cycle of poverty.” They offer a beautiful, beach-themed jewelry collection.

Prices: $4 - $45

Naupaka starfish necklace. Ethically-made beach-themed jewelry. https://naupakastore.com/collections/jewelry

An ethical Hawaiian boutique. They offer ethically-made jewelry with beach themes, such as starfish, shark's teeth and mermaids.

(Get 10% off with the code: LEEANNEMCCOY.)

Prices: $16 - $59

Give a Damn Goods Courage Dear Heart Metal Bracelet. Affordable ethical jewelry. https://giveadamngoods.com/collections/affordable-ethical-jewelry
Give a Damn Goods

“Focuses on affordable goods that make a difference.” They offer beautiful metal and leather jewelry that tells a story.

Prices: $15 - $54

Mercy House Global Sarah bracelet. Fair trade. https://mercy-house.myshopify.com/collections/bracelets
Mercy House

"A global marketplace and the beautiful products in this shop are made by women empowered by Mercy House Global." They offer cool fair trade bracelets and

necklaces and earrings, and many come packaged perfect for gifts and holidays.

Prices: $3 - $52

Ten Thousand Villages Soft Shimmer Necklace. Fair Trade Jewelry. https://www.tenthousandvillages.com/jewelry
Ten Thousand Villages

"The original fair trader," started in 1946! They offer a huge selection of fair trade necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and pins.  (To also find their products in a retail location near you, click here.)

Prices: $7 - $207

Trades of Hope phoenix necklace. Ethically made by women whose "story has changed from pain and struggle to a story of hope!" https://www.mytradesofhope.com/membertoolsdotnet/shoppingcartv4/MainCartv4.aspx?MG=24&G1=151
Trades of Hope

Sells products made by women whose "story has changed from pain and struggle to a story of hope!" They offer a gorgeous selection of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings, each with a beautiful story to tell.

Prices: $20 - $68

Designed for Joy earrings. Ethically made in the USA. http://www.designedforjoy.com/
Designed for Joy

Creates "artisan jobs for North Carolina women living at high risk for sex and labor trafficking and vulnerable to food and housing insecurities." They offer unique earrings, necklaces and bracelets, made in the USA.

Prices: $17 - $78

Landmine Design necklace. Ethically handmade. https://www.landminedesign.org/shop/women
Landmine Design

Offers products handmade by women in Cambodia, who would otherwise be at high risk for human trafficking. They offer handmade jewelry for women and also jewelry for men.

Prices: $12 - $44

Elegance Restored bracelet. Ethically-made jewelry. https://www.elegancerestored.com/collections/rings-and-bracelets
Elegance Restored

Creating a "market for beautiful, fairly made goods." They sell a beautiful selection of ethically-made necklaces and earrings and bracelets and rings.

Prices: $6 - $48

Hope.market Horn Jewelry. Ethically handmade in Haiti and changing lives through Mission of Hope. https://hope.market/collections/jewelry

"Giving the gift of life transformation" through Mission of Hope in Haiti. They sell beautiful horn and metal Haitian jewelry.

Prices: $1 - $32

Market Haiti bracelet. https://markethaiti.com/collections/jewelry
Market Haiti

"A market place designed to empower & market Haitian artisans in their work.”They sell beautiful necklaces, bracelets and earrings, handmade by Haitian artisans.

Prices: $10 - $42

Above Rubies Gray and Black Ombre Necklace. Ethically handmade out of rolle paper. https://www.etsy.com/shop/2aboverubies
Above Rubies

"A livelihood project created to help widows and single mothers" in the Philippines. They sell beautiful handmade jewelry. including jewelry for girls.

Prices: $6 - $34

Persona Grata boho paper bead earrings. Made in the USA by refugees. http://personagratagoods.com/product-category/jewelry/
Persona Grata Goods

"Designed to help moms who care about the world make a difference in the lives of other moms!" They offer beautiful African earrings and African bib necklaces, made in the USA by refugees.

Prices: $12 - $26

Woven Joy Purple Friendship Bracelets. http://wovenjoy.com/
Woven Joy

“A Fair Trade Federation member, is a faith-based nonprofit organization working with artisans in the Philippines to create, produce and sell some of the world's finest quality handwoven friendship goods.” They sell friendship bracelets and custom name bracelets.

Prices: $2 - $14

Imagine Goods Reimagine Tomorrow Necklace. https://imaginegoods.com/collections/jewelry-1
Imagine Goods

Partners "with vulnerable and marginalized people around the world to make products.” They offer "Reimagine" necklaces, which help support Love 146's mission to end child trafficking and exploitation.

Prices: $30 - $69


For more ethically-made jewelry brands that also give back, check out: 


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Amazima Ministries

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