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Unfortunately, many purses you will find in your local department store were made by women working in factory "sweatshops".  In contrast, the beautiful, handmade purses you will find through the links below, give back to provide women with meaningful, dignified work.  Find everything from fair trade purses to hand embroidered coin purses, woven handbags and more.

(NOTES: Prices and availability may change without notice.  If you buy through some of these links, a small amount will come back to help support our mission.)

Vi Bella: Beautiful Life.  Artisan made accessories for women that are creating a more beautiful life for artisans in Haiti and Mexico.
Vi Bella Jewelry Paradise tote
Vi Bella Jewelry

Their mission is "providing a path out of poverty" for their artisans. They sell beautiful purses, backpacks, totes and clutches, ethically handmade in Haiti.  (I adore my "Paradise" tote--it serves as my purse/diaper bag!)

Prices: $12 - $85

Renew Project Alham Foldover Leather Clutch Made in USA
Re:new Project

""Provides employment and community for refugee women who have resettled in the USA." They offer amazing upcycled clutches, shoulder bags, carryall pouches and totes, made in the USA using recycled textiles.

Prices: $22 - $94

Azizi Life Banana Leaf Tote. Fair Trade and handmade in Rwanda.
Azizi Life

“Partners with rural Rwandans to bring fair trade beauty to your life and theirs.” They sell fair trade totes, purses and coin purses, incredibly woven from banana and palm leaves!

Prices: $12 - $75

Simple Switch Mod About You Upcycled Handbag.
Simple Switch

They believe "it should be EASY to make a positive global impact with your every day purchases and gifts." They sell a large selection of eco-friendly, ethically-made and fair trade purses, coin purses and cute little girl purses.

Prices: $8 - $185

Shop With a Mission Fair Trade Embroidered Leather Purse
Shop With a Mission

On a mission “to equip and assist people in developing countries to break the cycle of poverty through their handiwork and creativity." They sell an amazing collection of fair trade purses, cross-body bags, travel bags, fanny packs and more.  (I adore my cell phone purse!)

Prices: $8 - $200

Sari Bari bucket bag. Made from upcycled saris.
Sari Bari

"Recycled saris are re-imagined and hand-stitched in the kantha style by a woman impacted by human trafficking and the commercial sex trade." They offer beautiful crossbody-bags, totes, coin purses, backpacks and wallets​ for women.

Prices: $10 - $72

Education and More Fair Trade Clutch Purse. Handmade in Guatemala.
Education and More

"Strives to reduce poverty in Guatemala by providing educational opportunities for students of all ages." They sell fair trade purses, clutches, coin purses, crossbody bags and wristlets.

Prices: $7 - $40

Persona Grata Blue Gold Journey Carpet Bag Purse. Mae in USA by refugee moms.
Persona Grata Goods

"Designed to help moms who care about the world make a difference in the lives of other moms!" They offer amazing carpet bags and wallets, made in the USA by refugees in North Carolina. 

Prices: $15 - $70

Amma's Umma Vegan Cross Body Purse.
Amma's Umma

"An ethical boutique that gives back to adoptions." They offer a great collection of ethically-made handbags, totes, clutches and crossbody bags.

Prices: $18 - $128

2nd Story Goods Leather Backpack. Ethically-made in Haiti.
2nd Story Goods

Works in a small town in Haiti to provide much needed jobs and hope to their community. They offer ethically-made coin purses, cross body bags, sling bags and leather totes and backpacks.

Prices: $12 - $190

Sak Saum Nika Essential Oils Purse
Sak Saum

"Sak Saum works to skill train & create jobs for vulnerable & exploited men & women in the district of Saang, Cambodia." They sell a whole assortment of high quality handbags, backpacks, essential oil purses, crossbody purses, and more.

Prices: $8 - $55

Gifts With a Cause Vietnam Red Embroidered Fair Trade Purse
Gifts With a Cause

Their mission is "to provide sustainable income to artisans in developing countries."  They sell fair trade embroidered purses.

Prices: $15 - $38

WorldCrafts Nika Purse. Fair trade.

WorldCrafts "develops sustainable, fair-trade businesses among impoverished people around the world." They sell a variety of high-quality fair trade purses, cross body bags, totes and clutches.

Prices: $13 - $110

The Lemonade Boutique Blue Batik Zipper Wallet
The Lemonade Boutique

Sells beautiful products made by women who "take life’s lemons and make lemonade." They sell a lovely collection of clutches, crossbody bags, backpack purses and more. (I get lots of compliments on my embroidered clutch!)

Get 10% off with the code: Changetheworld.

Prices: $18 - $65

The Village Country Store

Fair trade and fairly made goods. They offer a huge selection of sustainable wristlets, crossbody purses & shoulder totes as well as fair trade handbags & coin purses. 


(Use code: ShopWithLeeAnne for 10% off your entire order.)

Prices: $12 -$80

Mayan Hands fair trade mercado blue stripe bag, traditionally handwoven by Mayan women in Guatemala.
Mayan Hands

"A fair trade nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering Mayan women in their quest to bring their families out of extreme poverty." They offer traditionally handwoven fair trade handbags, totes, clutches and coin purses​.

Prices: $9 - $70

Serrv Fair Trade Black Leather Handbag.

"A nonprofit, fair trade organization dedicated to lifting disadvantaged artisans, farmers, and their families out of poverty." They sell quality crafted fair trade handbags, wristlets and shoulder bags as well as adorable coin purses.

Prices: $8 - $178

Adored Boutique Fozi Wristlet.
Adored Boutique

Every customer can "celebrate the impact her purchase will make on another woman's life." They sell beautiful ethically-made clutches, wallets,  wristlets and tote bags.

Prices: $25 - $188

Karama Collection mini addis Ethiopian leather totes.
Karama Collection

"Karama alleviates poverty by restoring dignity through creative, purposeful work for artisans, beginning in Africa." They offer high quality Ethiopian leather bags, purses, totes and backpacks.

Prices: $85 - $285

Mango + Main fair trade clutch bag.
Mango + Main

"On a mission to bring products from tropical lands where mangoes main street, USA!" They sell handcrafted, fair trade leather handbags and totes and fabric clutches, cross-body bags and carry-all bags.

Prices: $24 - $218

Lazarus Artisan Goods Alma Tote.
Lazarus Artisan Goods

“Exists to empower local Hondurans and Haitians." They offer high quality, leather totes, crossbody bags and backpacks, intentionally made in Haiti.

Prices: $32 - $220

Haiti Design Co Leather Handbags and Totes. Ethically made in Haiti.
Haiti Design Co

Works in Haiti to develop "craftsmen and leaders that are able to use their skills to provide for their families." They sell cool, ethically-made bucket bags, handbags. clutches, canteen bags and totes.

Prices: $28 - $208

Papillon Girl's Fair Trade Patchwork Mini Purse

"Creating jobs for mothers & fathers who don’t want to have to abandon their children to an orphanage because they can’t feed them." They sell awesome fair trade totes and coin purses and adorable purses for little girls.

Prices: $12 - $28

The Tote Project Cat Lover Pouch.jpg
The Tote Project

Their "fair trade products are sewn in India by women who have made the brave choice to journey out of the sex trade and into freedom."  Check out their unique grab and go pouches!

Prices: $21

Sewing God's Seeds handbag. Love41.
Sewing God's Seeds

"Empowering and supporting artisans and missionaries." They sell handmade handbags, zip pouches and cosmetic bags.

Prices: $15 - $129

Grain of Rice Project Market Tote.
Grain of Rice Project

“A non-profit ministry, which empowers Kenyan people with the love of Christ by training and selling their handcrafted products.” They sell beautiful handmade market totes, clutches, and sling purses.

Prices: $18 - $60

Amani fair trade bucket purse, handmade out of local African materials.
Amani Ya Juu

"A social economic enterprise committed to peace and reconciliation for African women."  They sew beautiful, durable, fair trade purses in African prints. (I love my mini messenger bag!)

Prices: $10 - $136

Berbeda Navy Ikat Clutch. Handcrafted in Bali.

"Ethically made goods changing lives." They offer beautiful woven clutches from Bali.

Prices: $35

Rahab's Rope Foldover Pouch. Handmade and Fair Trade.
Rahab's Rope

"Rahab's Rope exists to empower women and children in the fight against human trafficking." They sell beautifully-made, fair trade coin pursesclutches and totes.

Prices: $8 - $64

Bought Beautifully Juliette Leather Convertible Tote.
Bought Beautifully

“Purchase a product--transform a life.” They sell a variety of styles of ethically-made purses, handbags and totes.

Prices: $17 - $208

Noonday La Gloria colored tassel tote.
Julie Godshall

She sells products from the Noonday Collection. They "design and sell an inspired collection of
jewelry and accessories made by Artisans across the globe." They offer stylish fair trade bags and totes.

Prices: $22 - $298

Designed for Joy "Tracy" clutch, hair on leather, black and white.
Designed for Joy

Creates "artisan jobs for North Carolina women living at high risk for sex and labor trafficking and vulnerable to food and housing insecurities." They offer gorgeous leather handbags, clutches and coin purses, made in the USA.

Prices: $28 - $265

Elegance Restored Guatemalan Shoulder Bag. Ethically handmade.
Elegance Restored

Creating a "market for beautiful, fairly made goods." They sell gorgeous, handcrafted handbags, clutches, wallets, totes, wristlets and more.

Prices: $20 - $192

Rethreaded Mary Poppins Bag.

Their mission is "to renew hope, reignite dreams and release potential for survivors of human trafficking locally and globally through business." They sell high-quality handbags, totes and crossbody purses.​

Prices: $52 - $172

Made Trade Son of a Sailor Clutch and Crossbody Purse.
Made Trade

"Goods sourced ethically, traded fairly, and selected artfully.” They offer a huge selection of high-quality, ethically-made clutches, handbags, totes, backpack purses and crossbody bags.

Prices: $30 - $484

Atonement Design Kepang Terra Bag. Ethically-made fashion.
Atonement Design

"Ethically made items that clothe you in style and virtue." They sell stylish handbags.

Prices: $44 - $178

Eternal Threads Fair Trade Market Basket Tote
Eternal Threads

“'Weaving hope and justice' to improve the lives of women and children who are at risk from extreme poverty and trafficking." They sell beautiful handmade, fair trade totes, market baskets, coin purses and clutches.

Price: $5 - $55

Ten thousand villages cat purse. Fair Trade.
Ten Thousand Villages

"The original fair trader," started in 1946! They sell fair trade purses and coin purses.   (To also find their products in a retail location near you, click here.)

Prices: $11 - $70

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Still Looking?

If you are still searching for that perfect purse, keep scrolling down to the bottom of the page for yet more places to find ethically-made purses that give back.

The Lemonade Boutique: Clothing with a Cause: Your purchase allows women to take life's lemons and make lemonade.
Made Trade: Conscious Fashion


For more ethically-made and fair trade purses, check out the following brands: 


(Ethically-made, high-quality bags, totes, cross-body purses and clutches.)


(Fair trade leather bags, totes, backpack purses, clutches and more.)

Carry 117

(Leather purses, overnight bags, wristlets and more, fairly made in Ethopia.)

Purse & Clutch

(Leather purses, totes, clutches and wallets, handmade by artisans in Guatemala, Mexico & Ethiopia.)

Joyn Bags

(Fair trade upcycled leather handbags, clutches, totes and more.)

New Hope Girls

(Amazing bags, clutches and totes which are giving back hope.)

Nena and Co

(Carryalls handmade by artisans in Guatemala.)

Angela Roi

(Luxury vegan handbags.)

Malia Designs

(Sustainable and vegan handbags that help fight human trafficking.)

Brightly Co.

(Fairly made handbags.)

Better Life Bags

(Custom handbags, made in the USA with a cause!)

Fair Anita

(Artisan made purses, clutches and bags.)

MZ Fair Trade

(Fair trade purses)

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