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Ethical Women's Fashion

Pants, Shorts, Jumpsuits & Skirts

Below find links to ethically-made women's skirts, trousers, shorts, jeans, leggings, lounge pants and jumpsuits made by women working to provide for their families.  Your purchase provides beautiful clothes for you and meaningful income for them.

(NOTES: Prices and availability may change without notice.  If you buy through some of these links, a small amount will come back to help support our mission.)

The Lemonade Boutique: Clothing with a Cause: Your purchase allows women to take life's lemons and make lemonade.

Get 10% off at The Lemonade Boutique with the code: 



For more places to find ethically-made women's pants, leggings and jumpsuits, check out these links:



(Incredible leggings that create jobs and fund social programs in Haiti.)

Still Being Molly Blog

("My Top 3 Favorite Ethical Denim Brands")

Mata Traders

(Fair trade women's shorts and skirts.)


(Ethically-made women's jeans and shorts. They also offer jumpsuits.)

Crowned Free

(Women's leggings and skirts, made by survivors, that also give back to fight human trafficking.)


(Women's jeans and pants, made in ethical factories.)


(Ethically-made women's shorts, sustainably made from eco-friendly materials.)

Abrazo Style

(Beautifully hand-embroidered women's pants.)

Rover + Kin

(Fair trade jumpsuits, made in India.)


(Organic, fair trade women's jogging pants and lounge shorts.)​​

Maven Women

(Stylish, sustainable skirts, designed for business women.)​​

Yana Dee

(Ethically made in the USA women's custom leggings, lounge pants and skirts.)

Maggie's Organics

(Fair trade organic cotton leggings.)

Girlfriend Collective

(Women's athletic leggings and biker shorts made from recycled plastic water bottles.)

Soul Flower

(Hippie and Boho-style organic leggings.)


(Organic leggings for women.)

Grace and Lace

(Leggings and jeggings for women.)

Warp + Weft

(Sustainable jeans for all body shapes.)

Ash & Rose

(Ethically-made pants, skirts and jumpsuits.)

Hope & Henry

(Ethically-made and organic riding pants and ponte pants, offered on Amazon.)


(Ethically-sourced leggings for women.)

Brookes Collective

(Ethically-made skirts.)


(Sustainably made in the USA women's work pants, trousers, jeans and sweat pants.)


(Sustainably-made dress slacks and leggings.)


(Sustainably-made cashmere pants, biker shorts, skirts, joggers and jumpsuits.)

Amour Vert

(Ethically-made pants, skirts and culottes.)

Fair Indigo

(Fairly-made, organic skirts, leggings, jumpsuits, pants and joggers.)


(Fair trade pants.)


(Sustainably-made athletic shorts and leggings for women.)


(Sustainably-made pants and skirts.)​​

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