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The International Labour Organization estimates there are over 40 million people in the world trapped in modern day slavery or human trafficking.  The statistics are staggering and when you read the individual stories, they are heart breaking.  You may not be able to make a difference for 40 million, but you can make a difference for one.  By shopping through any of the links below, you are supporting brands which prevent human trafficking and create a new life for women and children who have escaped.  (To learn more and get involved in the fight against human trafficking check out the International Justice Mission or Freedom United.)

(NOTES: Prices and availability may change without notice.  If you buy through some of these links, a small amount will come back to help support our mission.)

Elegantees Dipa top. Made by survivors of human trafficking in Nepal.

Provides hope "to survivors of sex trafficking in Nepal" who sew their truly elegant tops and dresses for women and girls as well as men's tees. (Me and my little girls love our matching Elegantees tops!)

Rahab's Rope Sydney Throw. Fair Trade.
Rahab's Rope

"Giving hope and opportunity to women and children at risk or forced into the commercial sex trade." Their amazing fair trade toys, apparel, home goods, gifts and jewelry are making a difference in the fight against human trafficking.

Starfish Project tassel earrings. Made by women escaping human trafficking and exploitation in Asia.
Starfish Project

"Restores hope to women escaping human trafficking and exploitation in Asia." Buy their incredible jewelry and help bring hope and a new life to these women! (I absolutely love my Starfish Project bracelet!)

Beza Threads leather backpack. Ethically-made and gives back to rescue children from human trafficking in Ethopia.
Beza Threads

Works to rescue and provide a new life for boys and girls in slavery in Ethiopia. 

"Wear freedom" with their beautiful scarves, leather bags, backpacks and wallets.

Purpose Jewelry Goldie Ring. "Wear Freedom". Handmade by survivors of human trafficking.
Purpose Jewelry

"Beautifully crafted by young women rescued from human trafficking."  Join others and "wear freedom" with their amazing jewelry collection.

139Made Men's hoodie Micah 6:8. Ethically-made Christian apparel which gives back 10% of sales to fight human trafficking.

"Creative Christian apparel & lifestyle products." 10% of sales go to fight human trafficking. They sell ethically-made jewelry, hats, apparel and more which help raise awareness about human trafficking.

3 Strands Shop On the Go Black Leather Canteen Bag
3 Strands Shop

"3 Strands Shop was founded to support survivors of human trafficking and those at risk." They offer beautifully handcrafted jewelry and handbags.

Samros Bridal Wedding Dress. Fair trade and handmade in Cambodia
Samros Bridal

“The only bridal line that pairs a life-changing story with each handcrafted gown for the standout bride who wants to make the most impact with her choice." They sell gorgeous, fair trade wedding dresses, handcrafted through Freedom's Promise, an organization committed to preventing human trafficking in Cambodia.

Atonement Design Green Hex Earrings.
Atonement Design

"Ethically made items that clothe you in style and virtue." Their beautiful jewelry supports the prevention of human trafficking and restores survivors through Agape International Mission.

Find brands which are fighting human trafficking.
Still Looking?

For yet more awesome brands which are also fighting human trafficking, keep scrolling down to the bottom of the page.​

Sak Saum Double Zip Anna Wallet.
Sak Saum

"Sak Saum is a ministry dedicated to the prevention, rescue, restoration, transformation, and rehabilitation of vulnerable and exploited women, men and children." They beautifully-made fashion and accessories which  fight  human trafficking


Their mission is "to renew hope, reignite dreams and release potential for survivors of human trafficking locally and globally through business." They sell a meaningful collection of jewelry, accessories, pet products, food, coffee and gifts.

Give a Damn Goods hand lotion. Made by survivors of human trafficking.
Give a Damn Goods

“Focuses on affordable goods that make a difference.” They offer beautiful metal jewelry and body care products from brands "who work with survivors of human trafficking to provide job training, employment, and a supportive community."

World Crafts Rahab's Rope frame. Fair trade and made from polished pieces of broken class by women whose lives have also been broken by sex trafficking, but are putting their lives back together and finding something beautiful, just like these frames!

"Develops sustainable, fair-trade businesses among impoverished people around the world." They offer fair trade frames, jewelry and purses, handmade by women who have escaped sex trafficking and are finding freedom and hope.

Eden Ministry Desert Rose Earrings. Made by women rescued from human trafficking.
Eden Ministry

“Together with women rescued from human trafficking, we create jewelry that carries their stories.” They sell beautiful jewelry, which shines with the beauty of those stories!

Freedom's Promise lunch bags. Eco-friendly and fair trade. Made from upcycled rice bags!
Freedom's Promise

"A faith-based, nonprofit organization that partners with indigenous Cambodian groups to prevent human trafficking and child exploitation by transforming communities." They sell gorgeous fair trade silk scarves and eco-friendly bags made from upcycled rice bags. (I love my grocery bags!)

Grounds for Restoration logo. Coffee that gives back 100% of profits to restoring victims of human trafficking.
Grounds for Restoration

Their coffee is fairly traded and organically grown and gives back 100% of the profits to restoring survivors of human trafficking.

The Tote Project Free to Fly Butterfly Pouch. Gives back to fight human trafficking.
The Tote Project

“Their "fair trade products are sewn in India by women who have made the brave choice to journey out of the sex trade and into freedom." They sell beautiful fair trade tote bags and fun pouches, and give back 10% of the profits to fight human trafficking in the U.S.A.

Imagine Goods Reimagine Tee. Supports the mission of Love146 to end child trafficking and exploitation.
Imagine Goods

Partners "with vulnerable and marginalized people around the world to make products.” They offer a line of "Reimagine" products, which are made from upcycled materials and help support Love 146's mission to end child trafficking and exploitation.


Nightlight Design White Pearl Three Strand necklace.  Made in freedom by women escaping human trafficking.
Nightlight Design

"Made in freedom" by women in Thailand discovering dignified employment through Nightlight International.  They sell beautiful apparel and jewelry and t-shirts for men, women and children.

Sari Bari bucket bag. Ethically-made from upcycled saris by women impacted by human trafficking.
Sari Bari

""Recycled saris are re-imagined and hand-stitched in the kantha style by a woman impacted by human trafficking and the commercial sex trade." Their bags, backpacks, bedding, baby gifts and even Christmas decorations are incredibly made from upcycled saris.

Designed for Joy cork earrings. Handmade in the USA.
Designed for Joy

Creates "artisan jobs for North Carolina women living at high risk for sex and labor trafficking and vulnerable to food and housing insecurities." They offer beautiful accessories, made in the USA.

Eternal Threads Red Thread bracelets. "Wear freedom on your arm." Buy a red thread bracelet and join the fight against human trafficking.  These bracelets are made by rescued girls in Nepal and support anti-trafficking border units and safe houses as well as fair wages for the girls.
Eternal Threads

“'Weaving hope and justice' to improve the lives of women and children who are at risk from extreme poverty and trafficking."  Their Red Thread bracelets, made by rescued girls in Nepal, also support anti-trafficking border units and safe houses.

Landmine Design women's kimono. Prevents human trafficking in Cambodia.
Landmine Design

Offers products handmade by women in Cambodia, who would otherwise be at high risk for human trafficking. They offer beautiful jewelry and kimonos.

The Lemonade Boutique Lexis Turquoise Half Moon Necklace
The Lemonade Boutique

Sells beautiful products made by women who "take life’s lemons and make lemonade." They sell a beautiful collection of apparel and accessories that prevent trafficking or restore survivors.

Purple Peacock Survivor Ring. Made by survivors of human trafficking.
The Purple Peacock

"Shop with purpose" at this small boutique offering ethical, handmade and fair trade fashion. They sell beautiful jewelry made by survivors of human trafficking.

Purpose Boutique Sleeveless White Lace Dress
Purpose Boutique

"How you shop can change a life." A stylish boutique which offers ethically-made women's fashion. A percentage of  every sale is given back to fight human trafficking.

Still Being Molly Blog: "57 Brands to Buy From That are Fighting Human Trafficking."
Still Being Molly

For more brands fighting human trafficking, check out this blog post:​

"57+ Brands to Buy from that are Fighting to End Human Trafficking"

from Still Being Molly, one of my favorite bloggers.

" loose the chains of injustice
    and untie the cords of the yoke,
to set the oppressed free
    and break every yoke."

Isaiah 58:6 (NIV)


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