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How to Shop Ethically

Which Brands are Ethical?


New to ethical shopping?  Wondering how to figure out which brands are ethical?  Here are five ways to decide which brand to buy.


Use our Ethical Product Finder to find products from brands we've vetted for you or see our Ethical Brand List.


Look for brands with ethical or fair trade certifications or memberships. (Learn more here.)


See our "Master List of Ethical Shopping Guides" to find lots of ethical brand lists.



Follow an ethical blogger and buy from brands they recommend (See "Our Favorite Ethical Blogs.")


Contact us. We love to research and will be happy to help you figure out which brand to buy from!

For more help figuring out which brands are ethical, see below:
How to Know If a Brand Is Ethical: Still Being Molly.

Still Being Molly

"How to Know if a Brand is Ethical."

Shoppin With Ethics: A 5-Step Guide from The Tiny Twig

The Tiny Twig

"Shopping With Ethics: a 5-Step Guide"

Still Being Molly Ethical Terminologies Explained Podcast

Business With Purpose

"Ethical Terminologies Explained"

Shopping Guide Graphic.jpg

Shopping Guide

Our guide makes it easy to find ethical brands by category.

Man Working at a Desk

Ethical Brand Guides

Master list of ethical brand guides.

Clothes on Rack

Ethical Fashion Guide

Discover which popular fashion brands are making the most efforts to clean up their supply chains.

Office Penquin Pixabay Graphic.png

Blogs to Follow

Follow our favorite ethical blogs to learn which brands to buy from. Ethical Labels to Look For


"Ethical Labels to Look For."

Chunk of Chocolates

Slave-Free Chocolate

"List of Ethical Chocolate Companies"

A Beginner's Guide to Ethical Shopping: How to Find Ethical & Fair Trade Products
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