Ethical Shopping on a Budget

Affordable Fair Trade/Ethical Products


Want to change the world by how you shop, but not sure if you can afford to buy fair trade and ethically-made products?  The good news is you can shop to make a difference, no matter what your budget is.

Affordable Gifts That Give Back.  Ethical & Fair Trade Shopping on a Budget

Gifts Under $30

Find hundreds of ethical & fair trade gifts that give back under $5, $10, $20 and $30.

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Fair Trade Gifts <$25

"Top 10 Shops Selling Fair Trade Gifts Under $25"

Eco-Stylist: Is Ethical Fashion Really More Expensive? 13 Brands You Need to Know


"Is Ethical Fashion Really More Expensive? 13  Brands You Need to Know"

College Student


"25 Gifts Ideas Under $25 Every College Student Can Afford."

Antique Store

Shop Secondhand

How to find secondhand products--the cheapest way to shop ethically!

6 Tips for Shopping Ethically on a Budget: Still Being Molly

Still Being Molly

"6 Tips for Shopping Ethically on a Budget."

Fashion Kids



"Top 5 Places to Buy Ethical, Yet Affordable Kids Clothes."

The Honest Consumer Ethical Gifts Under $30

The Honest Consumer

"24 Ethical Gifts Under $30"


Flourish by Noonday

"3 Ways to Shop Ethical Fashion on a Budget."

Gifts for Women that Give Back Under $20

Gifts for Women

Browse and find hundreds of gifts for women that give back under $20.

Kids Gifts $5 & Less

Fair trade and give back products even kids can afford to buy with their own allowance!

Tree Roots

The Honest Root

"Super Affordable Ethical Clothing Brands for Everyday Wear."

Fashion Model

Simply Liv & Co.

"Best Places to Buy Affordable Ethical Fashion"

Ethical Baby Gifts $20 & Less

Baby Gifts

"Baby Gifts that Give Back for $20 & Less"

A Beginner's Guide to Ethical Shopping: How to Shop for Ethical & Fair Trade Products.

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