Ethical Shopping on a Budget

Affordable Fair Trade/Ethical Products


Want to change the world by how you shop, but not sure if you can afford to buy fair trade and ethically-made products?  The good news is you can shop to make a difference, no matter what your budget is.

Affordable Gifts That Give Back.  Ethical & Fair Trade Shopping on a Budget

Gifts Under $30

Find hundreds of ethical & fair trade gifts that give back under $5, $10, $20 and $30.

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Fair Trade Gifts <$25

"Top 10 Shops Selling Fair Trade Gifts Under $25"

Eco-Stylist: Is Ethical Fashion Really More Expensive? 13 Brands You Need to Know


"Is Ethical Fashion Really More Expensive? 13  Brands You Need to Know"

College Student


"25 Gifts Ideas Under $25 Every College Student Can Afford."

Antique Store

Shop Secondhand

How to find secondhand products--the cheapest way to shop ethically!

6 Tips for Shopping Ethically on a Budget: Still Being Molly

Still Being Molly

"6 Tips for Shopping Ethically on a Budget."

Fashion Kids



"Top 5 Places to Buy Ethical, Yet Affordable Kids Clothes."

The Honest Consumer Ethical Gifts Under $30

The Honest Consumer

"24 Ethical Gifts Under $30"


Flourish by Noonday

"3 Ways to Shop Ethical Fashion on a Budget."

Gifts for Women that Give Back Under $20

Gifts for Women

Browse and find hundreds of gifts for women that give back under $20.

Kids Gifts $5 & Less

Fair trade and give back products even kids can afford to buy with their own allowance!

Clothes Hanging

The Ethical Edit

"Affordable Ethical + Sustainable Clothing Brands for Everyday Wear."

Fashion Model

Simply Liv & Co.

"Best Places to Buy Affordable Ethical Fashion"

Ethical Baby Gifts $20 & Less

Baby Gifts

"Baby Gifts that Give Back for $20 & Less"

A Beginner's Guide to Ethical Shopping: How to Shop for Ethical & Fair Trade Products.

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